The healing power of the feline

Once upon a time, I met a tortoiseshell cat, and she invited herself into my life. This wasn’t a problem as there was a space in my life, I had lost my nanna. There was also a tear in my soul caused by the enduring pain of lifelong depression.

There was every reason to embrace the feline, and I did, I emptied my fridge and she filled up my life.

There is more magic to this story. She gave birth, on my sofa to three mewling kittens. When I heard that she was pregnant, I was filled with nervous excitement. I felt something.

This was a dream, and it was happening. My partner and I placed them centre stage in our living room and watched them grow. We willed them to breathe, willed them to walk and willed them to thrive.

They did thrive, there was no alternative but to get this right. We got it right, we learned and we were in it together. Our first house became a shelter, a safe place and a home. A sanctuary for tiny paws.

Inevitably life had ups and downs. Failed job interviews, redundancy and workplace bullying blighted my year. But I had made my own success, my own life and it wasn’t in the hands of HR.

It was in my hands at last, to be photographed, to be admired and to be loved.



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