How the Great British Bake Off encouraged me to cook

I know I am well behind with the times, but I have finally started watched The Great British Bake Off.

I have been watching all the old series to find out what all the fuss is about.

I’m also searching for inspiration, as a vegetarian who doesn’t cook, I am feeling VERY bored with my normal meals.

So, I am finally going to learn how to bake.

The Bake Off has shown me what can go wrong and why it can go wrong so I believed forewarned is forearmed!

The explanations given have actually helped me to understand how to bake in all the moments of faux drama.

The most inspirational aspect for me was how creative you can be with your flavours, making me think that I could actually create food that I can rave about.

I can tell you that quorn is nothing to get excited about on a Sunday afternoon…

I am currently surfing the web for good recipes for my time off next week so watch this space…

I didn’t have any pictures of me baking so I found this picture on the internet to represent me:

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