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In praise of the sewing revival

In this digital age, I believe that sewing has taken on a new significance.

Along with knitting, crochet, painting and baking, sewing is now trendy.

As 20-year-olds join the WI and start making their own jam, it is easy to wonder; what’s behind the resurgence?

As a part of a growing group of amateur sewers, I think I may have an idea.

In a world where you can buy anything and everything, handmade items hold more and more appeal.

It is increasingly hard to feel unique as you see your wardrobe being paraded all over the High Street.

There is an environmental aspect as well, the desire to ‘make do and mend’ in this throwaway culture. Generational guilt and desire born through the fear of the state of planet Earth plays its part in this retro resurgence.

The money-saving aspect of crafting is also a crucial factor. When you create your own garment, that is when you truly learn to love it. A handmade dress is much more likely to be looked after and handed down through families.

Finally, and most importantly, I believe that sewing is good for your mental health. It forces you to slow down and really focus on what you’re doing to avoid making mistakes.

Hours can fly by and in the end, you will have a garment in your size, colour and style. It is also rare to make something without learning a useful lesson whilst doing it.

In a world where nothing is really certain and stress seeps into our lives, sewing is a sanctuary.

We all need a sanctuary, it may not be sewing but it is worthwhile to find your muse.

Your mind will thank you for the distraction.


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