What is the cure for a bad day?

So I had a bad day, I wasted time, money, energy and nearly ground my clenched teeth into bloody stumps.

What have I learnt? Well to read emails and avoid being overwhelmed for a start!

Since I found out that I had lost my job 4 weeks ago, the job search has become a juggling act in an already busy schedule.

Last week I took an exam, did a trial shift in another department, left my car lights on and flattened the battery, went my journalism classes and visited my family.

So really, it is understandable to have gone to London on the wrong day for an idea generating event, right? Right?

Even a small mistake can make us feel like a total fool, and I was pretty angry with myself.

The saddest part of this story was that I then had to pay £80 to get the train back to Manchester and I went back into the office.

The sun was shining in London and I could have waited until 7:40pm to get my booked train back. But I would have felt bad about it.

Why I was so worried about a job that I’m leaving I don’t know, we all want to feel like a good employee don’t we?

Telling my tale of woe to my colleagues make me (and them) feel much better. It could have been worse.

Now I just need to work on feeling less angry with myself in times of stress!

That evening I watched The Great British Bake Off and slept it off. If you have pets, children, friend, family or partner then go in for that soothing snuggle. Sofatime is the best healer.

Go on, be nice to yourself, you deserve it.



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