What it feels like to lose your job

I finished my job as a researcher on Friday. I’ve been having bizarre dreams and I am feeling rather lost.

While I have an endless list of house tasks, exam revision and life admin to be getting on with, I am still full of worry.

It’s the decision making that’s difficult – I have various job leads and I have an interview booked in. Do I take a job I don’t want or do I hold out?

Unfortunately, I think the decision has been made for me – I am in debt from my journalism course which cost £4,000. I finish in 3 months and then I will have more career options but what now?

It does seem that I will have to take what is offered to me while I continue to work on my other projects in my spare time.

This may mean going backwards but my house will remain bare and holey unless I get some cash in sharpish.

My partner has offered to support me but I’m not really one to ask for handouts. I say that now!

In the meantime, I will continue to look into a future that is unfilled – for now.

These are the gifts that I received on Friday, my card also contained some lovely messages. There were also many hugs to be had, I’m not overly affectionate with colleagues as a rule but I did enjoy them.


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