How I upcycled my bedroom furniture

As I have time off due to unemployment, I thought that now is definitely the time to finish my house jobs.

We bought our house a year ago so there are many things to be done. So far we’ve had double glazing installed in the front (we couldn’t afford the back), stripped the house of wallpaper and carpets and started addressing the horrendous plumbing.

I decided this week to start on the smaller job of painting our bedroom furniture to match, something I started 6 months ago.

I realised that there was no getting around painting the insides in order to finish the furniture. I watered the chalk paint down slightly so that the paint would glide on the porous surface more easily.

I also used a round brush to get in all the nooks and crannies.

Once I was satisfied that I’d covered all the difficult bits completely I waxed the whole thing using a round brush again.

The colour that I have used for this set of bedroom furniture is Paloma, a purplish grey.

I buffed the wax with a non-furry cloth after it’d had a couple of days to dry. I made sure to wipe the insides of the drawers so that my clothes wouldn’t get waxy!

Then it was time to put my clothes back in – one of the cats had made them into a little nest so it’s probably best to put them in bags!

Also, it’s an excellent time to give unwanted clothes to charity and upcycle any old clothes that can be given a new lease of life!

Happy painting! 🙂

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