Why I love animals so much

Animal lovers like Ricky Gervais say ‘Every time I see an animal it makes my day’ and I could not agree more.

I’ve spoken before about how pets are an excellent aid in fighting depression, my cats have certainly helped me.

I believe that many animal interactions can truly have a positive influence on your day.

Watching my three cats reminds me to relaaaaax. Especially when they spend so much of the day napping! When they fall asleep on you and pin you down, sometimes you have no choice but to chill!

I love to watch animals and last week I went on a walk with my partner through a water park reserve and along a river.

We saw dogs, geese, ducks, sparrows, long-tailed tits, magpies, jays and coots all of which brought more joy to the day.

Later on we visited the animal corner in Heaton Park and I saw a peacock displaying to some unimpressed peahens. People were not suprisingly transfixed by it. I think we are all entranced by wildlife whether we know it or not.

I always think of a Street Cat Named Bob, the story of James Bowen and the stray cat that encouraged him to turn his life around.

I think having someone or something to take you away from your internal monologue is vital, and to care for another being ultimately makes you a better person. Having kids can help people to become more patient and loving but this is not an option for everyone.


When I feel down I like to watch my cats snooze or play as well as hearing them purr with contentment when I stroke them.

If you can make a cat purr or a dog wag it’s tail then you’re probably not bad 😉

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