Why aren’t there more vegetarian options?

My name is Jen and I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat for the simple reason that I don’t wish any animal to suffer and modern farming practises can be cruel. I just don’t want to take that risk.

I tried to be a vegan as I’m aware that there can be cruelty in milk and egg production but I have to say that I failed.

In trying to be a vegan I felt like I was so restricted in terms of eating out. It took all the joy out of it. As a vegetarian I still feel that way albeit to a lesser extent. 

All I want is something tasty without meat in it. I’m sick of the lack of diversity in vegetarian food especially in supermarkets and cafes.


I’m sick of falafel wraps, I sometimes feel that if it wasn’t for chips and falafel I would be going hungry if I am ever on the move.

I’m also sick of cheese on everything – especially when it contains animal rennet so the meal is not vegetarian after all! 


I love vegetables and there are so many countries that make such delicious vegetarian food that I don’t believe that we can’t be one of them.

I love love love thai food, it is the most flavoursome food that I get to enjoy, along with Indian, Turkish, Malaysian and Vietnamese.

If there could be a noodle bar on every corner I would be a happy woman.

I think the true mark of a chef is the ability to make a great vegetarian meal.

At this rate I may need to emigrate 😉


One comment

  1. Girl, I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 for the same reasons. You think it’s tough in the UK? You should visit Australia!! I’ve been to places where even the salads weren’t vegetarian! More than the lack of choice, I hate how it makes me feel like a weirdo or a nuisance or an outcast. People act like you’re just being picky. It can be a little isolating being a veggie in a meat eaters world.


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