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Remembering my nanna after she died

My Nanna died just over a year ago and I’m afraid of forgetting the little things.

I helped to look after my Nanna before she died so I was lucky to spend a lot of time with her. I remember that we laughed but now I’m unsure what we laughed about.

My Nanna thought that I was great. She told me that I was an angel. She thought that I was clever and a good person. She appeared the like me much more than the rest of my family.

From a selfish point of view, I had to come to terms with losing the person that believed in me.

My counsellor said that I should channel my nan and take that love with me. I think this is very true and whenever you lose someone that you love, make sure to hold on to the way to the way that they make you feel.

I don’t remember everything about the past few weeks with my Nanna, maybe because I felt worried and because I was tired. As Maya Angelou said, people forget what you did ruby they will never forget the way you make you feel.

In this picture she is sat still to avoid waking me up. She put my beds before hers and she just wanted me to be happy. I think the best way to honour our loved ones is to remember them and to be happy.

My nan always said ‘You’ll remember me when I’ve gone won’t you?’.

And I will.


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