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I love making art with mannequins

A few years ago my partner brought home a mannequin that he found on shoot. He named her Sinead after Sinead O’Connor as she has a bald head.

We took her from house to house until I decided that she looked to be spruced up. I decided to decoupage her with scrap fabric. Covering an entire mannequin with small squares of fabric took way more time than I thought!


I had been working on Sinead since we moved into the house a year ago. I used mod podge to stick all the pieces on and then to varnish the whole piece several times.

To finish her off I sprayed her with glitter spray and displayed her in the living room. The feet and ears were the most difficult bits!

Whilst working on Sinead I also covered a polystyrene head that my partner had also found. I covered it with vintage musical papers that I bought from eBay.

I also covered a hand that I bought from eBay with map fabric and silver coloured decoupage glue.

I put them both in my craft room.

I experimented with neon glitter on a male polystyrene head which wasn’t quite as successful! It took several layers of decoupage glue to get it to stick which made him look a bit lumpy!

To complete my mannequin collection I covered another second hand mannequin with African wax print fabric. I finished her off with silver glitter spray and my boyfriend christened her Gabrielle.

She now greets visitors as they come in through the front door!

The problem is that now I’m addicted to mannequin art! I think it’s a great way to upcycle and use up scrap materials.

I’ve ordered another mannequin and I’m thinking of decorating her with neon masking tape, and glitter of course!

Watch this space…


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