Our wildlife garden so far…

As the sun is shining we’ve been getting stuck into the garden. The aim is to create a wildlife paradise in our back garden.

In our last house that we rented we were lucky to spot foxes, woodpecker, jays, long tailed tits, bullfinch a sparrowhawk and frogs.

We started with a blank slate of lawn when we bought this house so we started digging…

We planted some fruit trees and bushes. We also put up a metal tree full of bird feeders.

We dug a veg patch and surrounded it with stone slabs. In it we sowed carrots, onions and peppers.

The garage had a trellis so we filled it with nesting materials for the birds. In the corner you can see a bug hotel!

We created lots of places to hide in the pond and made a pebbled area for animals to drink from.

As we are creating a green roof on the top of the garage, we are collecting more plants for that and other areas of the garden.

Watch this space for more developments and wildlife sightings! šŸ™‚


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