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I tried walking to cure my anxiety

Today I saw my first duckling of the year during my lunch break and it inspired me. As the weather is so sunny it seems like the perfect opportunity to get some exercise and explore.

A duckling

I decided to go on a longer walk after work by getting off at the next tram stop and walked along the river.

As it was approaching dusk, the wildlife was more active and there were less people around to scare it.

During the 45 minute stroll to my house I saw rabbits, ducks, swans, pied wagtails, geese, coots, magpies, sparrows and crows.

A coot’s nest

One of the reasons for my walk was to see if I could spot any ducklings or mallard nests.

I love that when you go to the park that it is always different and you never know what you will see.

I was surprised to see two coots nests in the water park next to the river.

There was another treat in store when I saw a heron hiding the reeds. I didn’t want to get too close and disturb it but I managed to get a photograph and some Vine footage.

A heron in the reeds

As well as wildlife I also looked for spring flowers and other interesting finds. The forest floor was covered in bluebells which reminded me of growing up in Derbyshire.


We all know that walking is good for anxiety which I certainly needed after going back to work.

I also think it is good for the soul. The endless distractions provided by people, pets, wildlife and nature are a great therapy.

There are so many benefits to getting out and enjoying the patches of green that are close to us. Every day I find another reason to love nature and more reasons to fight to keep our green spaces.

In our towns and cities they provide us with some well deserved peace and enjoyment.

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