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A day out at WWT Martin Mere wetland centre

On bank holiday we went on a day out to WWT’s Martin Mere reserve in Burscough near Southport and it is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time! I wasn’t disappointed as we saw so many beautiful birds.

The reserve is situated on the West Lancashire Coastal plain so it is a great habitat for wildlife, especially birds! I vined my whole day including the otters, different species of waterfowl, ducklings and the site as a whole if you prefer video.


There are loads of bird hides where you can see views like this – loads of seabirds and waders. Definitely worth packing your binoculars if you have any!


I believe these are greater flamingoes, these characters were as smelly and noisy as you can imagine…


Here is a lovely shelduck, we were lucky enough to see some white and grey shelduck duckling from a distance which was a great unexpected experience!


There is a duckling hatchery where we saw ducklings of several species, including Indian runner ducklings, crested ducklings and muscovy ducklings. Check out my vine to see more of these cute fellows.


What I also loved about the reserve were the sheer quantity of coot and moorhen nests – more than I’ve ever seen! This photograph shows a coot but I made a video of moorhen chicks that I put on my youtube channel. I think the chicks look like tiny dinosaurs!


There were also many beautiful geese, more than I’ve ever seen and from all around the world including these wonderful red breasted geese.


The highlight of my day feeding the Andean geese by hand and feeling them nibble my palms – definitely an amazing way to get close to wildlife and support the charities behind conservation. 🙂

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