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I rescued a magpie

Last Friday night one of my rescue cats brought in a juvenile magpie. I caught the magpie by locking my cats outside, as you can imagine I found it very distressing. As, of course, did the magpie. I felt that it was my absolutely my duty to save the magpie.

Firstly, I checked the bird for puncture wounds, if they have been bitten then they need to be treated with antibiotics within 48 hours.

Luckily, our magpie did not have puncture wounds and was therefore not an emergency case. I spoke to the RSPCA who recommended taking him/her to the vets.

The issue was that it was now the weekend and I had no car to drive him/her to an animal hospital.

As she would be with me for the night I put her in a cat carrier and placed her in a dark, quiet room with some mealworms, a blanket and water. The darkness calms them so it is a great treatment for shock.

Happily, she made it through the night which is the first hurdle. The most distressing thing was that her injured wing meant her balance was way off. She struggled to walk and moved in a circular motion due to the weight of her wing.

I fed her some cat food and when I checked her in the afternoon she was in better spirits. I continued to change her dirty blanket and kept feeding cat food, water and dried mealworms throughout the day.

By Sunday she was chirping with the sunrise as the protein and nutrition from the cat food had its effect. Her balance was much improved and she could move on her legs much more easily.

On Monday I was sad to see her go and my partner took her to the vets who said she was in good, feisty spirits. After the once-over from the vet, she was taken to the Lower Moss Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Knutsford.

Hopefully, she will go back into the wild where she belongs. 🙂

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