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My top ten essential style tips

These are the style tips I live by, contrary to the rubbish peddled by various fashion magazines looking good is NOT expensive.

Trends may come and go but these rules with always work for you…

1. If you have at least one pair of well fitting jeans them you are winning at life.

2. Red lipstick looks good on everyone, unless it contains poisonous chemicals and/or was tested on bunnies.

3. When you walk into a room, don’t look at who’s looking at you. You don’t need anyone’s approval and that is totally hot.


I look good, don’t I?


4. Fold a piece of drapey material in half, sew up the sides and cut a hole in the top. Instant kimono-eque summer top. Don’t forget to hem all edges to avoid fraying.

5. Sunglasses are the best accessory ever. Everyone looks the bomb in sunglasses.


 6. Denim goes with everything, sometimes together but not always! #doubledenim

7. Scruffy hair is hot, sleek hair is trying too hard.

8. Flat shoes are the best and you won’t fall over and hurt yourself! Although heels do look hot, don’t waste your sexiness on the office. They’re not worth it.

9. A (faux) leather jacket makes the plainest outfit look bang on trend.

10. Anything vintage or charity bought makes an outfit unique and ethical. Wear your bargains with pride! The High Street with its faddy fashions and sweatshop labour can go to hell.

Charity shop shirt

As a final note, I cannot recommend making or upcycling your own clothes enough – it’s fun, unique and people will be impressed!

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