Rescue Centre Diaries 050616

Welcome to the first of my rescue centre diaries! I am a volunteer at a rescue centre near Manchester, I usually go on a Sunday.

Now, it is fledgling season as you can see, hear and watch on Springwatch.

Currently we have many mallard ducklings, young blackbirds, crows, magpies, jackdaw, robins, dunnocks, a starling and a jay.

The Jay is particularly gorgeous as you can see below! I think of jays as the British version of a parrot as they are so colourful. You can always recognise them when they’re in flight.

This fellow is very fluffy and in great condition compared to some fledglings which can be very tatty after being rescued!

We usually have birds of prey that are involved in accidents. Now, raptors are really well adapted and successful hunters. However, they don’t come off well against cars and they can be difficult to treat.

This buzzard was treated by a vet before coming in which gives them a fighting chance.

I have high hopes for this guy so we will wait and see.

We also have three tawny owl chicks. Two are together and they groom each other as well as coughing up lots of pellets full of chick feathers! The birds of prey and the corvids are fed on chicks and sometimes mince and dog food.

Another potential success story is this little guy. Last week this baby rabbit was fitting – potentially from a brain injury – and is still here!

I was expecting it but I went in the mammal room and I fed her on formula milk (formulated for rabbits). It took the milk but still looked a bit dopey so definitely not out of the woods yet.

So that’s this week’s casualties. I will fill you in our these guys and the rest of the cast next week.



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