A love letter to the Scottish Isle of Mull

We visited Mull last year before I started my new job. I’ve put this photo collection together to show you just how beautiful…


The rocks that resemble Giant’s Causeway are of course the Isle of Staffa!

I didn’t get very good photographs but we saw a golden eagle, several sea eagles and red deer. We also saw many buzzards up close as well as a plethora of other birds. Unfortunately we didn’t see any otters but next time we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

The beach in the picture is Calgary beach in the North, definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve visited!

Next on the list is the aisle of Skye but Mull will certainly take some beating! I can see why CBeebies chose to make Balamory in the wonderful Tobermory with the gorgeous coloured houses.

You can reach Mull on a ferry from Oban 🙂

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