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Rescue Centre Diaries 120616

My first job was to feed the baby hedgehogs. They are beautiful but they curl into very tight balls! This is a good thing as it ensures their survival in the wild.

After they’d had their milk, I also met this barn owl chick. Birds of prey can get very stressed so I made sure he was covered before his feed tonight.

I fed the nestlings and fledglings including this little gang. Blackbirds are the most common fledgling to come in as they often get caught by cats or other predators. 

One of the jackdaws escaped but I managed to catch him. Look at those blue eyes! Both the jackdaws are in really good condition in comparison to the magpies which are in good health but very messy!

There was another treat in store in the form of this little beauty. A lapwing chick. 

When I was on my rounds doing the ducks and swan outside I also popped my head in to check on these beauties. They have very little contact with humans as they become domesticated very easily.

We also had a lesser black-backed gull that had come in with botulism.

I spent quite a bit of time in the bat room this week as there was a bat that needed hand feeding. It’s interesting watching bats feed as they eat carefully, only eating the inside of the mealworms with their tiny team, discarding the outside. 

This is another bat with a damaged wing which was brought in by a cat. I am not bat expert but I hope we can fix his wing.

When I was outside I saw a nuthatch fledgling being fed by its parent on a tree. Very cool.

It was also a busy day for admissions with two hedgehogs, a baby robin, a juvenile woodpecker, a rabbit and a buzzard all coming in.

The tawny owls from last week are doing well and have been moved outside and the rabbit is being cared for by a volunteer. 

More next week!



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