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Rescue Centre Diaries 190616

My day started with the very small nestlings. I was so worried about holding this tiny bird as it is so fragile. It’s a baby blue tit and I fed it tiny mealworms.

We had this young male kestrel below, he’s eating well but we need to get him flying. 

Kestrels are increasingly rare so I’m keen for one to be released and make a breeding pair.

Another lapwing chick has come in  and it is a few days older than the existing chick. The one below is the new addition and we put them both together in the incubator. 

In the wild they would live with siblings so it is good that they can be company for each other. If they sleep together it puts them at an advantage in terms of warmth. 

Lapwings are another increasingly rare species as they best on the ground. I have high hopes that they will make it to release. 

I released two pigeons and a blackbird so it was good to have them back in the wild. 

These hedgehogs are doing well, they were both eating puppy food and they’re coming off milk now. Another endangered species that will hopefully make it back to the great outdoors.

We had several badly injured birds from raptor and cat attacks. One of them left this lovely deposit on me , not bad for a young blackbird!

I’m also feeding these pigeon babies. You can see that pigeon mix gets everywhere – in the wild they are fed ‘pigeon milk’ from the parents beak. 

One of them is very pecky in order to get food, we have an older pigeon pair and they are similar. One is much more precocious than the other one. They sit in a crochet nest that you can see in the corner.

Another new arrival came in the form of this herring gull chick. It’s very fluffy and was happy to feed itself so will probably grow big very fast. 

Another unusual arrival came in – these mole babies! Someone had dug them up in their garden. I fed them formula milk using a cotton bud and I toileted them. 

Unfortunately two of them died. They are so small that I have concerns about their survival.

We also had a magpie and a jackdaw come in. The magpie was in good condition but the jackdaw had a badly damaged leg.

We released a juvenile Canadian goose on to the pond. The fox cubs and tawny owl are doing well also.

More next week!



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