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A wildlife walk on Eccles Pike

Today I went for a walk on Eccles Pike in Derbyshire with my mum. Here are some of the highlights of my day.

I saw many, many rabbits and this horse was in fact sharing it’s field with many of them! I only had my iPhone so these photographs do not do it justice!

I saw this millpond which I was surprised to see had swallows! I thought that they preferred larger bodies of water but clearly not.

A cute dog at the canal!

The canal was great as there were lots of ducklings as well as some young goslings.

I also saw this mother duck with her two ducklings. She was being followed by a male mallard so she was getting out of there sharpish.

Although this picture does make them look like a family, even though he probably wants to mate.

There was some leaking petrol from a factory and it made these these beautiful patterns.

I then saw this stump which I think looks like a seal being sick.

All of these blossoms were captured by these leaves and look like confetti.

At the end of my walk, I saw this tribute to the queen. Good to see a phone box being put to good use!

Happy walking!


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