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A walk around Salford Quays

On my lunch break today I decided to go for a spot of birdwatching around Salford Quays. I wasn’t sure how much I would see but it was such a nice day that I thought why not?

I sat on this little jetty and watched the swans go by, while I was there I decided to count how many birds I could see.

I took these pictures on my iPhone so they aren’t very clear but they show what I could see. So from my perch I saw:

Two goldfinches

Two sparrows

A magpie

A vole

A comorant

Four swans


A moorhen

A Canadian goose

Black-headed gulls

Lesser black-backed gulls

A pied wagtail

So thirteen species in ten minutes!  Admittedly one is a mammal and not a bird…

This guy certainly enjoyed the view!

It’s not a native species but I thought this flower was really beautiful. 

I don’t know where it came from but there was coloured powder all over the pavement.

This is the view from the bridge of the area I walked around.

These Canadian geese have ten juveniles with them as you can see they are nearly ready to leave their parents.

On the way back I saw this line of comorants.

I also saw this mushroom that looks like polystyrene.

I saw these two coot families and I ended up being slightly late back to the office. Well done to the coots for raising two chicks each! 

I will try to go on another walk soon!



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