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Rescue Centre Diaries 260616

Today I started with the hatchlings and nestlings. The hatchling from last week has grown feathers as you can see!

There were also these lovely goldfinches who kept flying into my shoulders and hands. We moved them into a bigger cage so that they can practise flying more. 

They were very chirpy little characters so I have high hopes that they will go back into the wild.

We also had two nests of swifts. Some of them were exercising their wings as I fed them so I hope some will be released.

Unfortunately one of the lapwing chicks from last week died as well as one of the pigeon chicks. 

The existing lapwing had outgrown its incubator so I set it up a cage in the bird room where it can dig around in wet soil.

I put mealworms in the soil as well as insectivorous so that it can learn to forage. I put some hay in the other corner with a towel over the cage so it can sleep warm.

The Jay is pretty grown up now and due for release soon. He’s been flying around his cage so he is keen to leave. 

We have another young Jay in with a wound on its head that started bleeding so I thought I would spare you that image. We washed it and hopefully it will heal over.

The jackdaws are also pretty big now so they will be going soon. 

In the woods we saw this really cool bug. It’s a black and yellow longhorn.

I released a young rabbit that was brought in when it was abandoned as a baby.

I released it in this lovely field below so hopefully it will like it there with lots of bushes to hide in and grass to graze on. We also released a blue tit and a great tit as they are both flying well and feeding.

The tawny owl and fox Cubs are growing well, they have minimal contact with humans and live in seclusion. They are fed in the nighttime.

The young male kestrel is eating well, we just need to make sure he is flying well to release him. 

Fingers crossed but I am concerned as I haven’t seen him flapping his wings much. Hopefully we can get him flying.

We’ve also had another influx of ducklings. They are lovely but so messy and they love splashing around so much that they need their water topping up several times a day. 

They are very afraid of humans which is good news for releasing them when they’re grown.

The gull that came in last week has grown a lot and is now in a new pen. He really, really loves fish, much more than puppy food.

See you next week for more updates!



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