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Rescue Centre Diaries 030716

I’m a bit late on this update but this is what happened at the rescue centre!

The finches are grown up and nearly ready to leave!

The baby barn owl is getting bigger!

The seagull chick is much bigger, in a few weeks he/she’ll be fully feathered.

The lapwing is enjoying the enrichment pen that I made and is slowly becoming more feathers than fluff.

The stick insects got horny and decided to procreate.

After watching them doin’ it sticky style, we covered them with a coat to give them some privacy. 

The fox cubs are growing up and getting noisier by the day.

This is a picture of the marsh harrier who has a damaged wing.

I was also handfeeding these blackbirds. After they’ve been fed at one end they defecate from the other.

Here’s a closer look at one of the gang.

This is a baby hedgehog that we are handfeeding also.

More in a few weeks as I’m off to Scotland on holiday! 


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