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Rescue Centre Diaries 140816

This week at the rescue centre was all about the pigeons. Most of the baby birds have fledged now but pigeons breed all year round. 

We’re still getting in baby hedgehogs and we’re starting to receive baby squirrels.

We released a lot of the pigeons as well as a blackbird and a moorhen.

The moorhen had a damaged leg when it came in but it had healed so it was released into the pond.

This frog was caught in a cat attack  but it was ok so we released it into the pond as well.

This hedgehog came in with mange as you can see here from its face. It isn’t just foxes that can get mange so it is being treated and will hopefully have more skin by next week.

We were also looking after this very beautiful tawny owl chick that was found in someone’s garden. It cannot stand properly so it seems to have some sort of paralysis. 

It’s legs did work when we examined it do we will see what the vet says. 

The seagull is grownup now and it will be released at the seaside with the two other seagulls that we have.

So here are our squirrels! We have a range of ages. They are all currently in incubators and all fed cimicat from a syringe.

This little pinky it the youngest, it is so young that it needs to be stimulated with a cotton bud to go to the toilet. 

This is a slightly older baby that has fur! We have a male and female from the same litter, this is the male.

This is the oldest squirrel baby, unfortunately it wasn’t too well and was quite cold. You can see that it’s eyes are starting to open.

The jay isn’t doing very well and its head injury isn’t fully healed. It has come back inside for now until it’s health improves.

I took the dogs for a walk to the pond and I saw a pigeon grab food from the water which I’ve never seen before. It was pretty cool.

When I was in intensive care at the end of the day I lost a moorhen chick. They are so hard to find as they camouflage so well. I found it eventually but it shows it will do well in the outside world!

More next week, keep it wild 🌴🐸🌳🐝


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