Rescue Centre Diaries 21/08/16

This week at the rescue centre, the baby squirrels have got bigger but they are still being handfed.

The fox cubs are growing, this one is caching his chicks as foxes do not like to eat out in the open. 

They spend their time playfighting and making unearthly noises when they’re not asleep.

This heron has come in after being in a car accident. It is a beautiful bird but hard to rehabilitate. I gave it an assortment of fishy products in water to get it to eat. It didn’t. That beak can do serious damage!

The pheasant has finished its medication and is much more lively now. We moved it into a bigger cage so that it could stretch its wings.

This baby hedgehog came in as it was out in the day. It had three ticks so we had to remove them with a tick remover.

Here is one of the ticks, they are pretty grim.

This crow had bumble feet, which are callouses on birds caused by hard surfaces like concrete. I massaged its feet with antibacterial cream to cure the infection.

This young Tawny owl was off its feet after being found on the ground. Presumably it had been in an accident. To get the owlet standing again we had to do physio on its legs by moving them around and getting its talons to grab things.

We released this pigeon and when I held it I admired it’s beautiful feathers and all the different colours.

I’m away next week but I’ll be back the week after! 🌳🌷🐝🌲


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