Rescue Centre Diaries 040916

Today at the rescue centre, we had another Tawny owlet come in. Strangely enough, it had the same injury as the one that came in last week.

Hopefully with the same physiotherapy and hydrotherapy the owlet will make a good recovery like this guy!

We also have this House Martin. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any primary wing feathers so unless they grow back, the future is bleak.

We’ve got a couple of baby squirrels that are being handfed. Here is one of them, hiding inside a fleece. Baby squirrels always hide and cling onto their fabric nests like limpets. This is good as they need strength and dexterity to survive in the wild.

There is a crow that was released by the rescue centre, he is called Bob. He visits at lunchtime and sits on a pile of gravel waiting for a chick. We always relent and chuck him a chick to munch on.

This little hedgehog came in. They tend to be dehydrated if they’re out on the day. We could tell she was dehydrated as the spines lie flat. We injected it with saline solution in order to hydrate it.

We also released a batch of pigeons, here is one sat on the new  part of the centre that is being built.

In other news, the heron unfortunately died. They are very difficult to rehabilitate and they are like kingfishers in that they do not eat in captivity.

In better news we released a duck into the pond and I made a video of it which I posted to my vine page.

More next week! 🐸🌷🐝🌲🌳


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