Rescue Centre Diaries 110916

We still have juvenile pigeons and doves coming in as well as young squirrels and hedgehogs.

This collared dove is one of our juvenile birds that we will feed up until it can leave. It eats small seed  whereas pigeons eat larger seed mixed with corn.

We also have a young kestrel who got into a minor car accident. It’s eye is damaged but it is otherwise in fair shape so I have high hopes. We treated it’s eye with eye drops. It eats bits of chopped up chick and is eating well.

This young tawny owl from last week is getting back on its feet and now we have another one that seems to be struggling.

This more auburn-coloured tawny owl is off its feet so we are treating it with physiotherapy in the hope that it will recover. You can see here it has a pile of tasty chick that we are handfeeding it in order to build up its strength.

We have lots of squirrels. I know that grey squirrels are not liked because of their impact on reds but it is our remit to look after them. They can be enjoyable to watch but they also get pretty crazy.

Here is one of the juvenile hedgehogs having a snack, when hogs are sick they are often out in the day. We give them dog food covered with insectivorous which they love.

I went in the bat room and had a look at the pipistrelles. This one is hiding behind a piece of sack. There are quite a few bats that will be ready for release soon so that is exciting!

More animals and updates next week…



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