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Rescue Centre Diaries 180916

This week at the rescue centre we were busy! Even though Autumn is approaching it was certainly busy. The photographs aren’t very good this week so I apologise.

This juvenile tawny owl is off its feet so here it is being handfed. I don’t know how to tell the difference between males and females yet, but hopefully I will learn!

We also have a moorhen which was injured. They like to hide so we make sure to keep them behind towels.

This kestrel has a bad eye but we put drops in it and it has made a good improvement. Once its eye is healed and it is stronger it will be released.

This is our third Tawny Owl to come in. It is suffering from shock and minor injuries after being involved in an accident.

This goldfinch is late in the year! It is a juvenile so it will be released as soon as it is fully feathered – it was found on the ground.

This woodmouse came in and we have given it some seed to get its strength up and then hopefully it can be on its way.

We had the pleasure of releasing this magpie, it was a great feeling to see it fly up to this tree and sit on the branch, enjoying its freedom.

Pigeons breed all year long. This pigeon is being fed exact and when it is older it will have pigeon mix. Pigeons get big so they require lots of hand feeding just like corvids like magpies and crows do.

This is one of our grey squirrels enjoying a carrot. They love fruit and veg. They come in as babies and are released as adults. They can only be released in certain areas and we have a license to do that.

We have to weigh the hedgehogs regularly so that we can monitor their progress and administer medication. If they lose weight then that is bad news as we explore their problems and ensure they are hydrated.

When they are over 600g then they can be released as you can see this one was good to go so we released it. It is great to release hogs as they are an endangered species in the UK.

I’m behind with my posts – more soon! 🙂




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