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The wildlife of Kololi Beach in The Gambia

I went to Gambia for NYE and I didn’t have to look very far to find a wealth of wildlife.

Even going for a stroll around the Kololi beach resorts, I came across birds, monkeys and a reptile!

There was even a cattle egret sat by the pool. The Gambia really is a birdwatchers paradise as they come to you!


There was even a sign advising you not to feed the birds, monkeys, cats or dogs!


In the bushes, we spied a family of green vervet monkeys, never approach if they behave aggressively as they will bite!


This baby was super cute and was learning how to be independent.


Unbelievably, a usually shy red colobus monkey turned up and they usually stay high in the trees.


Here you can see its beautiful coat and the contrast between the top and the bottom.


This monitor lizard was incredible and was in the process of shedding its skin.


I loved watching it move around looking for food.


This is an African dove of some sort, not dissimilar to British doves but beautiful all the same.


I think this is a robin chat, hard to tell from this angle!


And finally, one of the hotel feeds the vultures so they come for food and water every day.


Incredible birds and so majestic.


There were always egrets, vultures and black kites flying overhead.

We also saw African red-billed hornbill but I didn’t manage to get a photo.

As an animal lover, I loved never knowing what was round the corner, I’ll definitely be going back, binoculars in hand to see more wildlife, especially birds!

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