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Spotting seabirds at South Stack in Anglesey

So I’ve been wanting to visit South Stack for a while and I stayed in Criccieth for the weekend so I could visit a few bird reserves in North Wales.

You get to South Stack through Holyhead and it does feel like you’re in Land’s End in terms of ruggedness. It reminded me a lot of Ramsey Island in South Wales.

I parked up in the bottom car park and walked to Ellins Tower below.

The tower has scopes and RSPB volunteers so you can look closely at the birds on the cliffs.

You can also take boat trips around the lighthouse, I decided not to as it is only the beginning of the breeding season and there are still many birds still to return.

I went for a walk instead, I could hear many birds but they were covered by the heathland. As the weather was quite warm the birds were feeding earlier in the day and I got there around 10am.

I would come earlier as the crowds arrive about 10.30am and you stand more chance of seeing small birds and photographs without people in them.

I headed up to the visitor centre to see what was going on, I’d seen on Twitter that choughs visit the birdfeeders there and I was really keen to see a chough.

When I arrived there were only greenfinch and this dunnock sitting on the wall, singing away.

The cliffs are very steep so its really important to stay safe!

I found a prime position in the cafe so that I could see the birdfeeder and I enjoyed a hot chocolate. I’d finished my drink and given up on the idea when they appeared!

I was so chuffed (pardon the pun) as I hadn’t been able to find them on Ramsey Island and I was finally able to check them off my list!

Look how red their bills and legs are!

There is a small children’s play area next to the centre.

You can’t tell by this picture but there are hundreds of seabirds on these cliffs.

They were mostly razorbills, as well as guillemots, fulmar, kittiwakes and two puffins! The puffins were the first of the season and I was very excited to see them.

This dog wasn’t quite as thrilled as I was to see the puffins.

I was in such a remote bit of Wales that my phone thought I was in Ireland and sent me this text message!


I will definitely return to South Stack during peak season as I would love to see the peak seabird population complete with chicks! I also loved the ruggedness of the landscape and the fact that is felt so far away even though it isn’t really.

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