Sigulda’s Gauja National Park in Latvia

When I travelled the Baltics I stayed in Latvia’s capital, Riga. From Riga I took a day trip to Sigulda by train and then walked to the national park. I got a bit confused by the ski resort as there is a cable car and I wasn’t sure how to get to the bridge to cross the river. I legged it down the bank and found my way to the bridge but I would advise trying to find a path!


This is the bridge that goes to the woods to cross the river.


This is the cable car if you fancy a view from above.


A sure sign of the beaver gnawing the trees! This incredible animal is most active at dawn and dusk so keep your eyes peeled!


This quaint wooden bridge crosses the ditch. The pathways are well trodden by visitors but I did not see many people.


The trees are tall and the light sprinkles through them.


I came across this toad so it is well worth keeping your eyes peeled for wildlife along the paths.


You can see there is a bird box for water birds to live in!


There are thick grasses below the forest canopy.


There are many signs of people in this contained wilderness. The softness of several of the exposed rock walls have been carved into by various implements over the years.


There are ruined buildings.


And tree roots fighting through the etchings looking for water.


It is impossible to separate human beings from nature, as Gauja National Park shows. Sigulda’s gem and a sanctuary from the city. Take advantage of this accessible wilderness, complete with its beavers, birds, amphibians and neanderthal graffiti.

Never has a national park in Europe been so easy to discover.


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