The graffiti of Limassol by night

In 2012, my boyfriend and I visited Northern Cyprus for a cheap holiday.

I have a friend who lives in the Cypriot side of Cyprus in Nicosia so we drove down to visit her twice.

I might save the politics of the country for another post but for now I shall show you a gallery of graffiti as street art is one of my very favourite things about travel!

I wasn’t sure whether they would turn out nicely as they were lit by tungsten street lights.

We were on the way to the International Film Festival of Limassol and I nearly made all three of us late by snapping away! It’s difficult for me to walk away from a photo opportunity and you will see why…


Michelin men walking along a wall.


This graffiti wall has extended to the van parked in front of it.


A rabbit with a card and some kind of gorilla holding on to a tree.


You can sit in a chair in front of this wall featuring breasts and a skull.


The rabbit’s full wall in all its glory! Shame about the shadows from the tree but they add to the atmosphere in a way.


A sharply-dressed woman with pursed lips surveys her spray painted companions.




The market sign has been incorporated into this abstract portrait.


A crack in the concrete has been made into a mouth with added teeth!


And finally this roarsome tiger! My absolute favourite of them all. Look at that face.

I still think graffiti is better in daylight but I will try this again if I can make the photos look less yellow!

The great thing about Limassol is that lots of people were around which made the main streets feel safe at night.

Happy graffiti hunting!

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