Is Malta’s cat village in danger?

The cat village of St. Julians in Malta has apparently become quite the tourist attraction.

There have been reports that it was in danger of demolition at the end of 2017 so that a company can build on it. Depending on the outcome of whether it is destroyed or not, this post can be a homage or an advert.

Resident Roza Zammit looks after the village which has been there for 40 years and supports 25-30 of the local stray cats.

We had no idea it was there and just stumbled across it when we were exploring St. Julians, there is also a duck village on the other side of the bay.

The cat village is certainly an art installation it itself as it is filled with cuddly toys that have weathered quite well considering they live outdoors with cats!

Ok, so maybe its a little weird but I’ll let you decide for yourself…


Welcome to the cat village!


There is a cat house that any old Tom, Dick or Harry can stay in…


A repurposed baby carrier for two teddies.


Some of these teddies have very big eyes.


There is an assortment of different sized houses, although this blue gorilla seems to have bagged the red kennel for himself.


These two cats know where the foods at, on the foam jigsaw mat!


This white cat stuffs its face while a festive owl looks on in the background.


Tweety pie is in good nick, not sure about her two bear companions though!

There are a lot of stray cats in Malta so its vital they’re kept healthy, whether or not they appreciate the toys or not, we will never know…

Personally, I would love the cat village to stay open, its just SO eccentric and its for animals so what’s not to love?

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