Is Ljubljana Slovenia’s loveliest city?

If I could rename Ljubljana I would call it lovely-jana because it really is incredibly gorgeous and relaxed.

My favourite part was the city, which is probably true of many other tourists, was the triple bridge, where three bridges cross the river at the same point. The two side bridges were originally intended for pedestrians.


It’s just so nice that I dare anyone not to like it here. You wouldn’t believe that it was occupied by the Italians and then the Germans during WW2. It is also hard to believe that the Germans circled the city with barbed wire, making it look an urbanised concentration camp, but they did.


You can see Ljubljana’s castle perched on the hill from the old town. It was created in 1335 by the Habsburgs after they demolished the Spanheim fortress that stood their originally. They started the current castle in the 15th century to protect against Turkish invasion.

A Ljubljana dragon

The dragon is very important in Slovene folklore which is why it is used as an emblem in the city. Legend has it that Greek hero Jason (of Jason and the Argonauts fame), arrived in Slovenia and fought a swamp monster to become the first citizen of Ljubljana. This ‘monster’ became a dragon and is oft-mentioned in Slovene tales and on the shirts of various sports teams.

View of the city
View of the city

When you walk up to the castle, you can catch pretty views of the city with the mountainscape in the background. This mountain range is the gorgeous Julian Alps.

Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle

As Ljubljana castle is a medieval castle, there are always people dressed up in traditional garb, doing things like playing music, dancing, and jousting. Sometimes the dragon even puts in an appearance!

Ljubljana from the castle
Ljubljana from the castle

The city is very green which may be down to the fact that there are only around 280,000 residents who call this place home.

Hercules fountain
Hercules fountain

In the centre of the city, you can see the Hercules fountain in one of Ljubljana’s lovely squares.

St. James’s Church

The city centre is so walkable that it’s easy to discover beautiful buildings and statues everywhere you turn.

A row of cacti

I love the quirkiness of the city which is always a good opportunity to take photos that other tourists don’t get! Like this lovely row of cacti outside a house.

Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana

One of my favourite museums was the Modern Art Museum, I loved the exhibitions there, especially this eclectic beach scene.

Ljubljana underpass

Not all art is necessarily inside the museums as I found when I took the underpass to the park.

Ljubljana graffiti
Ljubljana graffiti

I especially loved this piece in the underpass.

Tivoli City Park

I finished my tour in the beautiful Tivoli Park which is full of art and sculptures. I drank a coffee there and absorbed the relaxed vibes.

If you’re still not convinced then check out this city for yourself. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with its laid-back vibe as well as its beauty.

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