Gorgeous Moroccan decor in Tangiers

On a trip along the South coasts of France and Spain, we took the ferry over to Tangiers in Morocco from Algeciras port.

It’s an easy journey into Morocco from Spain and it was a great way to end our Mediterranean trip.



The thing that I loved the most about Tangiers was our hotel (Dar Jameel) and I couldn’t get enough of it!


I took more photos of the interior decor than the city itself, I also had a sickness bug that I’d picked up from France so it was great to chill out in such a beautiful place.


The reason the hotel was so great is that it is a traditional Moroccan-style house that has a courtyard, called a riad.


I loved the beautiful tile work that could be found throughout the house.


Riads can be found all over Morocco, with beautiful design and ornate features.


I was obsessed by the wood carvings on the walls.


Lighting is, of course, everything, and lamps like this stained glass number give off atmospheric light.


This was one of my favourite rooms as it was dimly light and had these beautiful arches.


Even the window shutters were intricately painted.


Here the wood carving and painting come together to make lovely panels of art.

The rooftops of Medina
The rooftops of Medina

As many buildings in Tangiers have a flat roof, we could sit there and enjoy the view.

There wasn’t a lot to do in Tangiers for tourists but we loved sitting on the roof watching the world inside the medina.

I would love to stay in a riad again, just think of the instagram pictures you could get…

See you again Morocco!


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