The quirky port city of Rotterdam

I love Rotterdam, even better than Liverpool or Rome . It was not anywhere to me but I was alone. The people weren’t pickles though and of that I am sure. (Ref: The Beautiful South).

Rotterdam is a rebuild job and the new architecture is hit and miss but I loved it! I actually preferred it to Amsterdam , even though it is very hard to beat.

Europe06 120

It’s a shame that the weather in The Netherlands is so rainy, as the pictures would look better. I can honestly say it is one of the rainiest European countries I’ve ever been to, and I live in the UK…

Erasmusbrug (Swan bridge)

Apparently, canal-surfing has become quite popular in Rotterdam, the water doesn’t look too appealing here, but I bet it is really fun!

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Rotterdam is Europe’s busiest port, but even its maritime constructions look like contemporary art, even though they have an important job to do!

Europe06 174

Rotterdam has even made its own beach! There were no takers on this overcast day in August though…

Europe06 131

It was the 16th century that Rotterdam became a port, after it was taken advantage of by Spaniard raiders in 1572. Its position means it is the ideal place for a port, which is why it has been so successful.

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Rotterdam is linked to the Rhine River in Germany by large waterways and was destroyed by the Germans after the Dutch surrendered at the last minute, so the bombs were dropped anyway.

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They chose to rebuild in a modern way instead of emulating what had been before. I think this rebellion is what makes the city so exciting.

Europe06 178
The cube houses

One of these houses is actually a hostel that you can stay in for a whole new perspective on Rotterdam.

Central Library Rotterdam
Central Library Rotterdam

If there isn’t enough modern art on the streets for you, there is a really good art museum called Museum Boijmans van Beuningen that I really enjoyed. Don’t get too close to the art, or an alarm goes off!

Europe06 171
Rotterdam port

Another fun fact about this city is that it is the most multi-cultural city in The Netherlands with 160 nationalities represented.

Europe06 172
Visch sculpture

Despite its vibrant exterior, this city has a tough job ahead. The Netherlands sits mainly below sea level so measures are being put in place to make it climate-proof in the face of rising oceans.

Europe06 130
Anita by David Bade

It’s easy to picture these statues poking their heads above the water, however, it seems the government won’t allow that to happen.

The plans are to make water collection plazas that can be used as playgrounds, car park storage tanks and floating houses.

If any city can make this happen, it is Rotterdam.

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  1. It’s a shame you experienced Rotterdam to be so rainy!! As a brit living here, I would say the UK and NL are the same regarding the weather, since most of the rain travels from the UK first then to NL second haha. But we do have some better sunny weather!

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