Why I love Cesky Krumlov

I was first told about Cesky Krumlov over ten years ago by some backpackers on a Busabout tour. Ever since then I’ve wanted to come here and my boyfriends 30th birthday seemed the perfect time to do it.


The most iconic sight of CK is undoubtedly the quirky castle. The noble families of Rožmberk and Schwarzenberg are the ones that shaped the castle in the 16th and 18th centuries into what it is today.


The streets are a mix of renaissance and baroque architecture. There are shops and cafes aplenty and we went to a restaurant by the river and had an amazing meal!


There are lots of quirky things to discover in the town centre, there are also art galleries and there is even a hall of mirrors…


Saint Vitus Church

The Saint Vitus church overlooks the Vltava River. I actually saw a dipper in the river near the castle, closely followed by two kestrels who were nesting there. It’s definitely worth looking out for wildlife here.


We stayed in the Hostel Krumlov House, they gave away our room so we ended up staying in their spare apartment by the waterside which was nice. I liked sitting there and watching the ducks go by. Cesky Krumlov is such an incredibly relaxing place.

This photo was taken from the park, which is a great place to chill out and have a picnic.


I loved looking around the backstreets and looking at the lovely decorations. We never saw any rubbish while we were there.


One last photo to show that Cesky Krumlov really is the jewel in the crown of South Bohemia. I could certainly have stayed here for longer and just whiled the time away. This is exactly what the owners of our hostel did, they just came here and never left.

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