365 activities to entertain kids on every day of the year

All of these activities are easily achievable and you don’t need to leave the country to do them, most of them you can do in your own home or town. The majority of them can be done at any time of year but I have included seasonal activities.

These activities are meant to spark ideas so I haven’t included detailed instructions, for further information look on Pinterest or Youtube.

I have focused on nature and the environment so the activities in this list are rewarding and sustainable as well as being cheap and easy.

I have done the research for you so all you need to do is find something that you want to do and then go and do it!

From camping to finger painting, stargazing to snail racing – it’s all here for you to enjoy and explore together at your leisure.

These activities are suitable for 6-12 year-olds but some require adult supervision.

Fill your year with great family activities and enjoy every day!

*This post may contain affiliate links*The Big List:

1. Make ice lollies.

Use fruit, yogurt, juice – whatever takes your fancy!

2. Have a race.

Kids love any excuse to have a race, so why not organise one?

3. Play badminton.

Badminton bats are easy for little hands to hold.

4. Go on a treasure hunt.

It could be around your garden, home or even in your local park.

5. Build a sandcastle.

You could even add food colouring to make a rainbow sandcastle.

6. Visit a farm.

See how many different animals you can find and whether you can make their noises!

7. Cook noodles.

Kids love slurping noodles and they like the way they feel.

8. Build a teepee.

It can be as simple or as extravagant as you want but kids will love hiding in there.

9. Make a bat mask.

Your kids can become a batperson once they’ve made a mask!

10. Go beach combing.

See what you can find! You could even take a short checklist.

11. Experiment with hairstyles.

A good way to bond and kids will like their new look for at least five minutes!

12. Let your child give you a makeover.

Make sure to take a picture of how you look afterwards.

13. Read Dr. Seuss.

A classic book full of the silliness that children love.

14. Learn about science.

There are so many great science experiments available online and not all of them are messy!

15. Make jelly.

Add fruit or a face to make it extra special.

16. Watch fish.

You can do this in an aquarium, lake or pond.

17. Create felt animals.

Felt is really easy to work with and glue together to make animals or other shapes.

18. Build an igloo.

Obviously, you may not have any ice available but there are lots of natural materials you could use, like twigs, straw and branches.

19. Travel in space by looking at aerial views of Earth.

Give them a whole new perspective on planet Earth.

20. Make a collage.

There’s nothing kids love more than cutting and sticking.

21. Write thank you letters.

Fun for kids to write and good for adults to receive.

22. Decorate eggs.

Take an empty eggshell and decorate it with beautiful designs.

23. Paint pebbles.

Combine kids love for both pebbles and painting!

24. Plant a flower.

They will love watching it grow.

25. Make a cress head.

Everyone loves a cress head.

26. Bake cookies.

Add fruit and nuts if you want to keep the sugar content down.

27. Make handprint artwork.

This can be a great record as their hands grow.

28. Knit a teddy bear.

It makes a great present for kids and you can teach them to knit at the same time.

29. Carve a pumpkin.

After you’ve made a face or design you can cook with the insides.

30. Make a mobile.

Pick a theme and get your little one to choose the shapes.

31. Create a food web.

Good fun and scientific too.

32. Make play dough.

Simple and cheap to make as well as being fun to squish.

33. Create a scrapbook.

This will help your little one to recall happy memories.

34. Try origami.

Help your kids to fold paper to make some great shapes like frogs and swans!

35. Go swimming.

Once they can swim, teach them about forward rolls and underwater handstands.

36. Take a picnic to the park.

Pack all their favourite finger foods.

37. Sing a song.

Learn the words to a pop song to impress (or embarrass) them.

38. Watch an old kids film.

See if they love it as much as you do.

39. Play frisbee.

Great fun to be had in the garden or park.

40. Search for a four leaf clover.

You never know what you might find hidden in the grass.

41. Feed the ducks.

Take bird food or greens but not bread as its bad for them.

42. Make a bird house.

Life is tweet when you’re watching birds.

43. Build a bug hotel.

See how many bugs move in.

44. Go dog walking.

Borrow someone’s dog and watch them bond with your kids.

45. Stroke a cat.

Kids love to stroke cats, just make sure it’s a friendly cat.

46. Make clay animals.

Use quick-drying clay if you don’t want to bake it.

47. Pick berries.

See if you can wait until you get home to eat them.

48. Tie-dye a T-shirt.

Or any of their other clothes and they can be unique!

49. Paint a flag.

It will help them to learn their flags if they pick their favourite.

50. Collect seashells.

On the seashore.

51. Wash the car.

Take it off your to-do list and have fun at the same time.

52. Go crabbing.

Use a bag of bait to attract them and see how many you can catch.

53. Have a tea party.

Make sure all the toys get an invite.

54. Try trampolining.

Let them bounce off all that excess energy.

55. Draw a dream picture.

If they have a nice dream, encourage them to incorporate it into a drawing.

56. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.

Put it on a board in case you want to complete it on another day.

57. Make an ant farm.

Anty are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok anty? Make sure they have lots of food.

58. Collect feathers.

You can use to make pictures or keep them as a collection.

59. Learn about birds.

There is so much to learn about birds, they will love it.

60. Write a poem.

Help them to express themselves in rhyme.

61. Put on a play.

Get them to think of a story – the more imaginative the better!

62. Play a ball game.

Build coordination and burn off energy at the same time.

63. Visit the zoo.

Hopefully you’ll see a gnu and a jumping kangaroo! Make sure the zoo is ethical and supports animal conservation efforts.

64. Have a water fight.

Cool down on a hot day.

65. Learn magic tricks.

Impress your kids with your sleight of hand and they’ll want a go too.

66. Make a daisy chain.

Then they can wear it as jewellery.

67. Look for frogs.

Look in damp places and near ponds and you’re bound to see this jumpy fellow.

68. Build a pond.

Make a home for wildlife then you can go pond-dipping anytime you like! Put fencing around it and a grid over it to make it safe.

69. Climb a tree.

Make steps at the bottom to help them get up.

70. Make a box car.

Kids love nothing better than sitting in boxes and pretending.

71. Ride a bike.

The more hours they put in, the better they’ll be!

72. Plant a tree.

Measure how high it grows every year.

73. Learn to cartwheel.

They’ll feel a real sense of achievement when they go over the top.

74. Play ‘I Spy’.

A great way to make kids notice things.

75. Get really muddy.

There is nothing quite like mud between the toes.

76. Make a dam in a river.

Watch what route the water takes.

77. Fly paper planes.

See who can fly the furthest.

78. Have a pillow fight.

Good clean fun.

79.Thumb wrestle.

One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war.

80. Find a geocache.

Download the app on your phone and off you go.

81. Tell a ghost story.

The sillier the better, use a torch to make spooky shapes.

82. Toast marshmallows.

Chow down on deliciously melty marshmallows.

83. Build a scarecrow.

The more rough and ready the better.

84. Play hopscotch.

A classic playground game, you could always draw it in chalk.

85. Have a game of rounders.

Round up some teams and get batting. You could even have a parent competition.

86. Play volleyball.

Set up the net and get jumping.

87. Try cloud watching.

Ask them what shapes they can see.

88. Hold a staring competition.

First one to laugh loses.

89. Make jam.

Use leftover fruit and then you can spread it your little ones sandwiches.

90. Eat yogurt.

Kids love yogurt and you can add fruit or cereal to make it more exciting.

91. Bake brownies.

If you don’t use eggs then you can let them lick the bowl.

92. Practice signature writing.

Kids love to write their name over and over.

93. Make a really nice sandwich.

Ask them for their favourite foods and see how you can combine them.

94. Climb a hill.

Enjoy the view from the top together.

95. Go sledging.

Be ready for snow and then grab your sledge and go.

96. Create a wormery.

Put some leaves on the top and watch them drag them into the soil.

97. Dance the macarena.

A classic song that kids will love as well the dance moves.

98. Put on a shadow puppet play.

Teach them how to move their hands to make different animals.

99. Make ice cream.

There are many different ways to make ice cream, whichever you choose it will taste all the sweeter knowing you’ve made it.

100. Have a game of hide and seek.

Give points for the most imaginative hiding places.

101. Play a card game.

Snap or rummy are classic card games.

102. Visit a natural history museum.

Show them all the animals we stand to lose.

103.Create your own language.

Just for fun.

104. Play charades.

Test out your acting skills.

105. Catch a butterfly in a net.

Identify it and let it go.

106. Crack a secret code.

Find some simple codes online and see if they can break them with your help.

107. Make a bird feeder.

Watch them flock to it, you could even take photographs of them.

108. Search for a squirrel.

Go to a park or forest and look in the trees, you could even put down some nuts for them.

109. Go camping.

Find a nice spot where the kids can play in the wild.Make a grass trumpet.

See what noises you can make.

110. Learn to survive in the wilderness.

Teach them how to put up a tent and cook marshmallows.

111. Bake muffins.

You can use banana and honey to sweeten them instead of sugar.

112. Call a fox.

Learn how to make fox noises.

113. Skim stones.

Have fun trying to skim stones by a lake.

114. Build a blanket den.

Perfect for a Sunday when you want to be cosy.

115. Fly a kite.

Wait for a windy day and take your kite up high.

116. Make a friendship bracelet.

Show them how to plait the ribbon so they can make them for all their friends.

117. Build a snow person.

Don’t forget the carrot for a nose.

118. Track mammals from their footprints.

Even if it’s a dog or cat you’ll have good fun trying to find it.

119. Learn to Yo-yo.

Show them how to work their wrist.

120. Make a mud slide.

Get dirty whilst having fun.

121. Go pond dipping.

See what critters you can find.

122. Visit an island.

If it’s a rural island then you’ll have some of the countryside to yourselves!

123. Grow vegetables and eat them.

It will teach your kids where food comes from.

124. Build a bat box.

The kids will go batty for it.

125. Pretend to be nature detectives.

Give them a magnifying glass to work out where different things came from.

126. Look in rock pools at the seaside.

See what you can find hidden under stones and seaweed.

127. Hunt for fossils.

Find somewhere near you where fossils have been found before.

128. Play conkers.

Kids go bonkers for them.

129. Watch the sunrise.

A good activity to do if they like to get up early.

130. Make fajitas.

Get them to choose which vegetables you use.

131. Set up a snail race.

Put a spot of paint on each one to tell them apart.

132. Create fruity cocktails.

Get them to come up with recipes and give their cocktail a name.

133. Bake bread.

Enjoy kneading the dough together and getting flour everywhere.

134. Roll down a hill.

Make sure there are no rocks or piles of poo in the way.

135. Learn to do a handstand.

They will feel really proud of themselves!

136. Build a rope swing.

Swing high and low.

137. Go to the park.

Find new corners that you haven’t explored together yet.

138. Make a mud pie.

The bigger, the better!

139. Soap boat racing in rain gutters.

See whose boat can get the furthest!

140. Build a Lego maze.

Use building blocks to make an amazing maze.

141. Go on a scavenger hunt.

Give them a list of objects and see how many you can find.

142. Play table tennis.

Set up your own court on the dining room table.

143. Make flower perfume.

Pick some lovely smelling petals and mix them in a potion.

144. Try colouring in computer print-outs.

Kids love to concentrate on colouring.

145. Make frozen marbles using balloons filled with coloured water.

They will look beautiful in the snow.

146. Play chase.

A classic game where you can make up your own rules.

147. Make slime.

Slime is really easy to make and fun to play with, just look for tutorials online. Make sure it uses safe ingredients.

148. Build an indoor obstacle course.

Test your kids skills and see if they can improve on their time.

149. Fill an ice block with toys so kids can chip away at it.

Then they get a reward for their hard work.

150. Pan for gold.

Gold or another precious metal, either at a children’s centre or in your garden.

151. Make stilts from cans.

See if they can master walking on them.

152. Try finger painting.

Show them how to make simple pictures using their fingers.

153. Press flowers.

Then you can make them into pictures.

154. Blend fruit smoothies.

Use yogurt or milk as a base and let their imagination run wild.

155. Make a telephone from plastic cups.

See how far away you can get before they can’t hear you anymore.

156. Play twister.

The harder it is, the funnier it gets.

157. Make ribbon wands from dowel and ribbon.

Ask them to draw pictures in the air.

158. Draw with chalk on the pavement.

The more elaborate, the better.

159. Have a round of mini golf.

Easier for kids to get a hole in one!

160. Visit an aquarium.

Kids will be mesmerised by all the different sea creatures.

161. Paint pinecones.

You can even make them into bird feeders but putting seeds and fat in them.

162. Make snow cones with ice and syrup.

The perfect way to cool down after a hot day.

163. Ride an open top bus.

Feel the wind in your hair and let them see things from a whole new perspective.

164. Explore a maze.

See if you can work together to get to the middle.

165. Play Pooh sticks on a bridge over a river.

Winner takes it all.

166. Make rice crispie cakes.

Easy to make and they can decorate them how they wish.

167. Create a stained glass window using tissue paper and card.

Then put it on your window and let the light shine through it.

168. Make toffee apples.

Dip some apples into toffee as a treat for all the family.

169. Try fabric painting.

Get every kid to make their own design and then they can wear it.

170. Bake a fruit pie.

The fruitier the better.

171. Make artwork with melted crayons.

A great way to use up old crayons.

172. Build a leprechaun house.

See if one moves in.

173. Go bowling.

Or make your own bowling alley at home.

174. Play croquet.

Give this old-fashioned game a new twist.

175. Watch a firework display.

Enjoy the show.

176. Catch dandelion seeds.

Like a low-budget Crystal Maze!

177. Make a pizza.

Put different toppings on each slice for each member of the family.

178. Have a family quiz.

Get into different teams and get competitive.

179. Drink a cola float.

Kids love watching the ice cream go bubbley.

180. Take photos with a film camera.

Develop them later and see if you’ve taken any good ones.

181. Celebrate Earth day.

Share your love for planet Earth with your little ones.

182. Make pom-poms out of wool.

You can use cardboard rings or a fork to make them.

183. Throw an un-birthday party.

Why not?

184. Make a dream catcher.

Catch those young dreams by making one together.

185. Play ‘Simon Says…’

A great game for all generations.

186. Make a pasta necklace.

They can colour them in first or even make them really sparkly.

187. Visit an animal shelter.

Teach them how to look after animals.

188. Design and make a dress or shorts.

Use paper to make the design and show use how to put it together. Hand stitch it or use a sewing machine.

189. Make animal pegs.

Paint them different colours and make them into people or animals.

190. Wear pretend mustaches.

You can even make up characters for each mustache.

191. Make paper plate puppets.

Draw pirates, animals or even food – the choice is yours.

192. Play with farm animals.

A great way to show them how to stroke an animal without distressing it.

193. Paddle a dinghy.

Don’t forget your life jackets!

194. Create felt flowers.

Then you can attach them to pipe cleaners and arrange them in a vase.

195. Try disco dancing.

Set up a disco in your living room and boogie together.

196. Visit a pet shop.

Cheaper than the zoo.

197. Make your own bunting.

Get them to choose the colours and shapes.

198. Jump in puddles.

Don’t forget their wellies.

199. Make potato prints.

Use them to make pictures.

200. Collect stamps from letters.

Then they can fill a book with them.

201. Go train spotting.

Count how many you can see and what colour they are by keeping a chart.

202. Make critters out of foil.

Look online for some metallic inspiration.

203. Make pipe cleaner spiders.

Your child can find them homes around the house.

204. Make a pom-pom caterpillar.

To live with the pipe cleaner spider.

205. Make tiles of a favourite cartoon character.

Tell them to choose their favourite character and transfer it onto tiles using stencils and paint.

206. Build a paper mâché head.

Use a balloon and once its dry then they can decorate it.

207. Make a headband from an old T-shirt.

Cut it and plait it – add fabric flowers or other shapes.

208. Make a paper chain.

Cut the strips first and then you can help them make a really long chain to hang around the house.

209. Make an appliqué cushion cover.

Go on Pinterest to choose a design together and then show them how to stitch it.

210. Build a sundial.

They’ll be fascinated by this relic from the past.

211. Make a safety pin bead badge.

Find some spare beads and show your kids how to thread them onto a safety pin.

212. Build a butterfly feeder using a dish and sugar water.

They will love watching the butterflies.

213. Make a tune by blowing glass bottles filled with water.

Their very own water xylophone!

214. Make a drum kit from pots and pans.

Just make sure to wear earplugs.

215. Make a mouse house for the garden.

See if the mice think it’s nice.

216. Create some pencil drawings.

Get them to try different thicknesses of pencil to create different effects.

217. Decorate a jar.

Then they can keep things in it.

218. Make a doily doll.

All you need is a paper doily and either card or a peg. Look for some inspiration online.

219. Make a tissue paper flower.

A good way to recycle old tissue paper.

220. Play sticky darts with a Velcro board.

A safe way to play darts with a little one.

221. Cook pancakes.

Savoury for a main meal or sweet for a treat

222. Bake cupcakes.

Add food colouring or edible glitter to make them extra special!

223. Collect leaves.

Use them to make pictures or display them in a scrapbook.

224. Make a tree bark etching.

Try it on a few different trees to get different effects.

225. Learn to make animal noises.

See who can be the most realistic.

226. Create sand art in a bottle.

Use food colouring to make different coloured layers or visit different beaches.

227. Make a dot painting using the end of a paintbrush.

Children are dotty about dots!

228. Study a giant map.

Get them to imagine what different countries are like based on where they are in the world.

229. Make a magnet.

Kids will be drawn to this activity.

230. Try face painting.

Use Youtube to find looks that you can recreate on your child.

231. Make a windmill with a pin, cardboard and a straw.

See if they can make it turn by blowing on it.

232. Try hair plaiting.

Use thread to make the plaits more exciting.

233. Have a go at airbrush painting using straws and watered down paint.

Kids will love this messy art!

234. Make a plaster of Paris figure using a rubber mould.

It is very satisfying if you can get the figure out in one piece.

235. Visit a planetarium.

Tell them all about what lies in our skies.

236. Make a badge.

Design badges for each other and wear them with pride.

237. Visit a model village.

The kids will enjoy being tall in a small world.

238. Ride a model train.


239. Write a letter to someone in another country.

Find them an international penpal to improve their knowledge of other cultures.

240. Design a postcard.

Get them to include everything that is important to them.

241. Create your own kid’s magazine.

Ask them what they would like you to feature and get them to help you design it.

242. Make a picture out of bottle tops.

Enjoy some recycled art!

243. Paint on old storybook pages.

Turn an old book into a new piece of art.

244. Design comedy glasses.

Then make them out of cardboard.

245. Grow lavender in the garden.

Kids and bees will love the smell.

246. Make a tutu.

Add pompoms or ribbons as a decoration. You could even add their name.

247. Cook porridge with chocolate buttons.

Chocolatey porridge is a great winter warmer.

248. Make octopus hotdogs using sausages and pasta.

Stick spaghetti in the end of the hotdogs and cook them to make tasty octopuses.

249. Make sock puppets.

Then encourage them to create characters for them.

250. Read nursery rhymes.

If they’re older it may bring on some nostalgia and if they’re younger they will love hearing them over and over.

251. Make paper snowflakes.

Cut out shapes to make unique snowflakes, no matter what time of year it is!

252. Play with dolls.

Act out real-life situations to use them in an educational way.

253. Play with trains.

Build a traintrack to help them to understand building.

254. Make paper hats and wear them.

Make any day a party day!

255. Film all this fun and make a home movie.

Whenever you are having family fun, record a bit of it, then put it all together to make a little film.

256. Design your own puzzle game.

Ask the whole family to contribute their ideas.

257. Hold your own talent show with all the family.

See who has the best hidden talent!

258. Make a toilet paper trail for the kids to follow.

Put little items of treasure along the way.

259. Bury a time capsule.

Choose what to put in it and set a year to dig it back up.

260. Colour the snow with food colouring and make art.

The best thing about snow art is that you don’t need to clean it up afterwards!

261. Have a go at an exercise video.

Do some easy aerobics together, just for fun!

262. Dress up in each other’s clothes.

Take some pictures to capture the moments.

263. Rearrange their bedroom.

Lightweight furniture only! Help them to choose a different setup.

264. Fill a piñata with treats and hang it from the ceiling.

Get them to take turns to bash it and enjoy the spoils!

265. Bake scones.

Add cheese or fruit for added taste and texture.

266. Wrap each other up like mummies with toilet roll.

Even if it’s not Halloween!

267. Play doctor and patient.

Let them nurse you back to health.

268. Play cops and robbers.

Basically a game of chase!

269. Act out their favourite kids book in 60 seconds.

Lets face it, you know it off by heart by now.

270. Have an indoor snowball fight using balled up socks.

Move all breakable items out of the room first.

271. Fill up the paddling pool indoors and put a tarp down.

When it’s cold outside, bring the party inside.

272. Make party invitations.

Then you’re ready for a party!

273. Make crowns and have a ceremony for the king and queen.

Indulge them in some pretend play.

274. Try cream painting with shaving cream and food colouring.

Make colourful clouds and rainbows!

275. Play skittles.

Another old school game to try!

276. Put flowers in food colouring.

Watch the flower change colour over time.

277. Make food into pictures on the plate.

Ask them what animal they would like and try to create it!

278. Make a magic wand.

Help them to make it as magical as you can!

279. Mix a magic potion.

Use colourful, smelly and sparkly ingredients!

280. Have a pajama day.

Relax as a family by having a day in your jim-jams.

281. Bake a rainbow cake.

Watch their faces as you cut it to reveal the secret rainbow!

282. See how many pennies you can stack.

Have a family competition.

283. See how many cups you can stack.

A good lesson in building stable foundations!

284. Make a snowperson out of marshmallows.

Stick them together using chocolate or by melting them slightly.

285. Put jelly worms in apples as a treat.

A cute surprise to put in their apple!

286. Make a curtain from leftover bits and bobs.

Then help them to hang it in their room.

287. Build a volcano and make it erupt.

Search exploding volcanoes online and get inspired.

288. Make a cardboard box village.

They will love the pretend world!

289. Make a snowglobe.

Stick a figure to a jam jar lid, fill the jar with water and fake snow. Give it a good shake and you have a finished snowglobe that they will love.

290. Make a dolphin out of a banana and create other fruit art.

Use bits of apple to make the fins and raisins for eyes.

291. Dig a big hole.

Kids love to dig and it’s a good way to give your garden a makeover.

292. Make a ‘Things to do over the summer’ wallchart.

Then you can look at your ideas whenever the kids start to look bored.

293. Draw around their shadows with chalk.

Then they can see how their shadow changes throughout the day if they stand in the same place.

294. Make a fake beard.

Use card and wool or feathers or whatever takes their fancy!

295. Cook waffles.

Then give them fruity faces!

296. Pretend to be superheroes.

All kids love pretending to be superheroes.

297. Make your own comic.

Get them to think of a story and draw it together.

298. Make Chinese lanterns.

Use coloured card to make it and decorate it using stickers, crayons or glitter.

299. Eat berries and ice cream.

One way for them to get one of their five-a-day.

300. Design some stickers.

Buy blank stickers and get them to colour them in.

301. Build a wreath from plants or ribbons.

Start with a circular frame and wrap plants, ribbons or wool around it to make a wreath.

302. Make a shoebox lid into an art canvas.

The lid will stop your child getting too messy.

303. Make a mouse ears headband.

Take a regular headband and then cover it to make mouse ears, cat ears, or any kind of ears!

304. Recreate a famous artwork as a magazine collage.

It is one way to introduce them to some traditional art.

305. Paint plant pots.

There is nothing more lovely than a flower growing out of a colourful plant pot.

306. Draw on mugs in black marker and then bake in the oven to set.

They will love drinking out of personalised mugs.

307. Dress up like pirates.

Aaaaaaaargh me hearties!

308. Make a pirate ship out of a box.

You can even make waves out of tissue paper.

309. Personalise a hair clip.

Glue their favourite character onto a hair clip or create something out of pompoms and pipe cleaners.

310. Make a new outfit for a teddy bear.

Reuse old fabrics and hand stitch or machine them together and then they can dress their favourite toy.

311. Play the recorder.

One of the easiest instruments for them to learn.

312. Design their own medal.

Put on an award ceremony to award it to them.

313. Make an Easter bonnet.

Not just for Easter, kids will enjoy wearing the bonnet at any time of year!

314. Play the keyboard or piano together.

You could even compose your own ditty!

315. Have a go at weaving.

Make or buy a simple frame and use up old rags and wool.

316. Squeeze your own juice.

Kids love to squeeze out juice and enjoy mixing it all up.

317. Feed a goat.

Visit a local farm or animal centre, if you’re allowed to, take a snack for them to enjoy.

318. Stroll along the canal.

Everyone loves to be besides the canal, you could count the boats that go by together.

319. Make stepping-stones over the river.

Kids will love hopping across a shallow river.

320. Decorate a mirror.

Looking in their personalised mirror will help them to like their own reflection.

321.Learn about bees.

Bees are very important for the environment and there are so many types that kids will love spotting them.

322. Ride a scooter.

Strap on a helmet and send them on their way. You could even help them learn tricks if they’re old enough.

323. Play ‘What Am I?’.

Also known as Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, children love this guessing game and you can give them clues to make it easier for them.

324. Create rain using a glass of warm water with a plate over it.

Show them the water cycle as they watch the water rain down from the plate back into the glass.

325. Make a mini garden in a tray and include the kid’s toys in it.

As the garden grows it creates a wild world for the toys to live in.

326. Make a penguin out of a toilet roll and coloured card.

Easy to make with things you already have around your home.

327. Make round Earth coasters using card and paint.

They can draw their favourite country, to make it easier you could trace the outline.

328. Make a robot out of foil trays, pipe cleaners and bottle tops.

They could even create a whole robot family.

329. Make goggles out of egg cartons and string.

Cut out the bottom of the egg cartons, get the kids to paint them and then put them on string.

330. Bake pretzels shaped like letters.

A great snack for any time of day that kids will love.

331. Make trash into treasure.

Wash and save bits of recycling and challenge your little one to make things out of them at the end of the week.

332. Turn a can into a potato head by decorating and planting seeds in it.

Get them to paint a face on the can.

333. Bake salt dough tree decorations.

You can help them make decorations, gift tags or models. They will love the feel of the dough between their fingers.

334. Make a mosaic from broken tiles and crockery.

Be careful to remove sharp edges first, or buy a kit suitable for kids.

335. Sew monkey nuts onto a string for birds to eat.

Birds and squirrels will love these tasty garlands.

336. Make a wooden spoon person.

Take an old wooden spoon and help them give it at a face and an outfit.

337. Read an Enid Blyton book.

A timeless author whose books kids still enjoy.

338. Build an igloo out of plastic bottles.

They can cover it in foil or even stones to make a perfect house for a toy or just as a sculpture for their room.

339. Make an owl out of a pinecone and cotton balls.

Use the cotton balls to make a face and wings.

340. Read a Beatrix Potter book.

Kids still enjoy Potter’s lovely animal tales.

341. Make a necklace from drinking straws and wool.

Cut the straws into pieces and get them to thread them onto a piece of wool or string.

342. Make a jellyfish out of tissue paper and/or plastic bags.

Hang them from the ceiling and add some fish to swim with them.

343. Try quilling and make art out of rolled paper.

Use a quilling tool to roll up pieces of thin paper and mount them on card to help them make some unique art.

344. Make a paper mâché bowl.

Use a normal bowl as a template. A good opportunity to get messy!

345. Create a person using cut outs from magazines.

Stick them all down in an outline for a cool collage!

346. Play basketball.

See how many slam dunks they can get.

347. Make a dinosaur costume.

If you don’t want to go the whole hog you could just make a tail from green tights stuffed with newspaper with cutout cardboard spikes.

348. Create a picture using painted seeds or dried lentils.

Sketch a rough outline with them and get them to colour in the pieces before sticking them down.

349. Make fat balls for the birds in winter.

Be very careful when melting the fat.

350. Pop bubble wrap.

Put out a big piece and get them to jump on it for fun.

351. Create art using buttons and glue.

The more colourful the buttons, the better!

352. Make plant pots out of newspaper.

Once you’ve grown the plant to a seedling, it can go straight into the soil in the newspaper.

353. Design bookmarks.

Cut them strips of cardboard and ask them to decorate them.

354. Make a moneybox to encourage kids to save.

You could use paper mâché or even an old tissue box, as long as there is a way of getting the money in and out.

355. Dry your own pot pourri.

Use different kinds of flowers and plants to make it.

356. Make a witches hat out of cardboard.

Measure their head and make it to size.

357. Freeze flavoured ice cubes.

You could even put pieces of fruit in them.

358. Make a picture using coloured feathers.

They could even make up their own animals.

359. Have a family game of drafts.

Easy to play, and quick too!

360. Participate in a big family quiz.

Download a quiz off the internet or make one up yourself.

361. Visit a jungle gym.

Give your little monkeys a chance to burn off energy.

362. Play the tambourine.

Get them to channel their inner musician.

363. Hold a football or netball tournament.

Host a mini-competition in your backyard or park.

364. Tell your kids how much you love them.

The most important activity of all.

365. Watch your kids grow up and enjoy every day.

Being a parent/auntie/uncle/grandparent or carer is the best job!

I hope enjoyed this list! If you have any more suggestions then let me know in the comments below.

365 activities to entertain kids on every day of the year
365 activities to entertain kids on every day of the year



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