8 organic and eco-friendly makeup kit essentials

We all know that makeup shouldn’t cost the earth, but it should also stay on your face! Some organic products that I’ve used don’t have much staying power, so I’ve rounded up my recommendations for some eco-friendly makeup bag staples!

No product can be perfect, but these companies have created organic, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable products to make then as eco-friendly as possible, for when the time comes to replace your old makeup.

1. Mascara

Black mascara is the basis of any cosmetics collection and this one is vegan and organic. The brush is great for building up your lashes and the Argan oil stops it from making your eyelashes dry and clumpy. At present, we don’t have refillable mascara, but let’s hope that changes in the future.

2. Tinted lip balm

Tinted lip balm is great for everyday wear, if you don’t fancy full lipstick, or if your lips are a bit dry. These are organic, and the cute, yet sustainable packaging means they’d make a great gift! The four colours are gorgeous and complement all complexions.

3. Eyeliner

This is a creamy and organic eyeliner that is reasonably priced compared to others on the market. The rich texture means that it can be used to great a great smokey eye and as it’s a pencil it avoids using too much plastic (except the lid). It’s long lasting which makes it extra value for money!

4. Mousse blusher

Lavera is a brand that is still evolving, as it has set itself the task of creating products that are organic and vegan! An impressive feat, as many products contain beeswax. I really liked this mousse blush, as it comes in beautiful colours and it stays on your face! I think it has a great texture and there is a powder version if you prefer some other colour options.

5. Eyebrow pencil

Another organic pencil at a bargain price! This one is hard-wearing, so you can build-up your eyebrows to be as dramatic as you like. The colour is also very natural and comes in three shades.

6. Talc-free pressed powder

The production of talc is problematic from an environmental point of view, some argue it’s also bad for humans as well but that isn’t conclusive. I try to avoid talc for environmental reasons so I am always happy to find a talc-free powder like this one!

Green People are another established eco brand, but their range is very limited when it comes to skin colour and I hope they’re working on that. In the meantime, they cater for lighter skins and they avoid many nasty ingredients that mainstream brands use. They are also organic and have staying power.

For different skin tones, I have included more links at the end of this article as I cannot recommend decent products as a white person. While there has been some improvement in what’s on offer, there’s still a long way to go. Luckily, the internet came up trumps and there are some great organic brands out there.

7. Organic eyeshadow

This pretty eyeshadow palette is talc-free and organic. I’m not a fan of large palettes as I don’t tend to use all the colours, and it feels like a waste, so this is the perfect size. The eyeshadows are silky in texture but creamy enough that they stay on your eyelids! Also available in brown for a more natural or daytime look.

8. Bamboo brush set

I’ve used Ecotools for quite a few years as they brought bamboo brushes to the mainstream, a great material for manufacturing sustainable products. My brushes have lasted me a long time, so they are hard wearing and I’ve even brought them travelling with me, as I know they won’t break!

I haven’t included foundation in this list, as I haven’t found an organic brand with a full range of skin tones, but The Good Shade have it covered, with a range of recommendations for all skin tones. For black skin, Eluxe Magazine have these organic recommendations. Eco Salon also has a range for dark skin.

If you know of any brands that you recommend, or any up and coming products that I should be aware of, then let me know! I’m especially interested in finding more vegan cosmetics, so if you hear of any, then I’d love to hear from you.

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