7 eco-friendly cat gifts that will make your moggy love you

If you’re going green then why not include your cat with this list of eco-friendly cat gifts? As a cat owner, I was sick of finding plastic toys and scratching posts that weren’t sustainably made. These products also didn’t last so I set out to find some brands that are trying to do better.

I was actually really impressed by what I found, and if you have a cat that is in need of some entertainment, then these are my recommendations. These also made great gifts for friends that have cats as well!

1. Cat gift box

If you really want to go all out, or if you have more than one cat, or a friend that does, then this might be the thing for you! This box contains 4-5 eco conscious and ethical treats including toys and food made in the UK. So if you’re in the UK then there is the benefit of supporting local business to boot!

2. Hand knitted cat bed

I love this from Etsy. It’s super soft and a great way to support a small business. As an added bonus it will look nicer in your house than a regular cat bed!

3. Recycled cardboard scratching post

There is no way to recycle a scratching post, and they tend to go manky very quickly. This cardboard scratcher is recycled and can be recycled once it has come to the end of its life, which should take a while as it’s very sturdy. It will satisfy your cats desire to scratch, and save upholstery and walls, which can be expensive to fix. It’s much more eco-friendly to keep your furniture in good condition as well!

4. Recycled catnip toy

It’s not easy to recycle plastics into something useful, but Beco Pets has done just that! Both the insides and outsides of this budgie toy are made from plastic bottles which makes it very durable. It is also double-stitched so it won’t come apart easily, as we’ve all come home to stuffing on the floor from a destroyed toy!

5. Frog on a wand

This is a recycled twist on the classic mouse on an elastic toy that so many of us have bought for our pets! The good news is that this one will actually last. Cats cannot get enough of these toys and it will distract them from harassing the local wildlife outside your home.

6. Recycled bottle collar

As well as chasing wildlife and destroying toys, my cats are terrible for losing their collars. It made me feel guilty when I buy new ones but I think I might have finally found a solution. These collars are sewn with threads made from melted plastic bottles and they’re very hard-wearing as a result. Don’t worry though, they still have a release catch in case your cat gets caught on something.

7. Recycled cat litter

When my cats were kittens, (their mum was a cat that we rescued), we used this recycled cat litter. It was really absorbent and it didn’t end up all over the house like some litters do. We have a compost heap so we’d compost any that was still fairly clean as it is totally biodegradable.

I hope that you and your cat enjoy these eco-friendly gifts! If you have any other recommendations then I would love to hear them! I’m also working on cat gifts that you can make yourself from recycled materials so watch this space.

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