9 eco-friendly dog gifts to make your dog love you even more

If you’ve gone green then why not include your pet with these fabulous eco-friendly and sustainable dog gifts that your best friend will love! There are more products on the market than ever that are made from recycled and natural materials, so your pet will love your green lifestyle as much as you do.

Charity shops can also be great places to pick up dog gifts as some things aren’t even used! Even if they are, if they’re in good condition you can wash them or put them in the dishwasher to make them good as new!

1. Beco Ball

Ditch the manky old tennis ball (unless your dog can’t bear to part with it), for this natural rubber Beco ball. Available in different sizes depending how big your dog is, they’re made from natural rubber so completely safe for them to chew on.

2. Recycled reflective collar

I’m always really safety conscious with all my pets especially when walking dogs at night so I’m delighted that Cycle Dog do a recycled AND reflective collar. It’s very useful if you dog is off the lead so he/she can still be seen in car headlights.

3. Recycled reflective lead

If you want to be even safer, then try this recycled and reflective dog lead made from post-consumer plastics, also from Cycle Dog. Randomly, it has an attached bottle opener.

4. Bamboo fibre bowl

If you don’t already have a dog bowl, then try this one, made from bamboo fibres. Bamboo is a great material for sustainable products as it grows so quickly that many things will be made from bamboo in the future!

5. Eco dog bed

There aren’t many eco dog pets on the market and some dogs use pillows or sleep in human beds so they don’t need one! If you do want your dog to have its own bed then this one is made from sustainable materials. It’s also quite heavy duty so will survive more rough-and-tumble than most pet beds can handle!

6. Olive the Octopus

Your dog will love Olive, especially as she’s made from natural jute and suede. This toy is partially biodegradable and makes a crunch when chewed for added entertainment! You can even put treats inside it.

7. Natural rubber chew toy

There’s nothing most dogs love more than a friendly tug-of-war. At least this way, you know that the toy is made from natural materials and he/she won’t get plastic shards in their mouth as this is natural rubber.

8. Cornstarch poop bags

Enough said. Some ‘biodegradable’ plastic just breaks down into smaller pieces of plastic, so make your eco poop bags are the real deal! These ones are made from cornstarch so they’re made from totally natural material.

We love our pets, and our planet so it’s great that our plastic waste can be made into something that our animals will love. In the future, plastic usage will be much less, but for now, we’re stuck with all this trash, so we’re bridging the gap between two worlds of consumerism. In the meantime, these recycled products are built to last, so they should withstand being used by dogs for much longer, so this is progress.

Let me know your favourite sustainable pet brands as I’m sure this is a market on the rise!

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