5 sustainable key winter fashion pieces that you can wear every year

Sustainable fashion is a movement on the rise as we aim to have wardrobes that ‘spark joy’ and rid ourselves of our excess clothing clutter. Being sustainable is about thinking about our wardrobes and how we can mix and match our garments to take us through the seasons as fashions change.

Some trends will always be fleeting (trouser-skirt anyone?) but key pieces will enable you to have a minimalist wardrobe of your dreams where everything will go together, making getting dressed much less stressful. Having a capsule wardrobe has made my life much easier, and I can get out of the house much more quickly without leaving a pile of discarded clothes in my wake!


If you really love browsing around shops and it gives you a buzz, then I wholly recommend charity shops and thrift stores. If you live in the UK, then Oxfam has shops on many high streets and an online second-hand clothing store. I’m not saying that you should fill your house just because its cheap to do so, but hunting around and finding a bargain that you love is always fun.

It also works the other way around, so if you’re a taxpayer, then you can donate to your chosen charity and they can gift-aid your donations and raise even more money for their cause. A great way to minimalise your wardrobe and feel good about yourself. Online auction sites like eBay are also great for second-hand clothes and selling your old stuff.

If you can’t find the items that you’re looking for in a charity shop or on eBay, then I’ve rounded up these key pieces from sustainable and Fairtrade fashion retailers that will be great for your winter wardrobe.

1. A high quality recycled coat

Jack Wolfstein have accomplished something you many brands have not – a winter coat that looks good, keeps you warm and makes use of recycled waste. As we move towards our goal of zero-waste, we need to use the trash we’ve already accumulated so we need more brands to get on board with using new technologies to achieve this.

The great thing about this coat is that it suits absolutely everyone and feels like being inside a sleeping bag. It also comes in different colours, including purple and black which match most outfits. A definite investment for a warm winter when going out or waiting at bus stops, this coat makes the cold so much more bearable.

If you want to know about the technology that this German company used to create one of the few recycled coats on the market then I will let GearJunkie explain.

2. Organic wrap cardigan

This blue cardigan from Ulla Popken is made from organic cotton and is great for layering up in the wintertime. Navy goes with pretty much everything, and this cardigan is a flattering shape with a drawstring that will accentuate your chest and waist. You can also keep it in the house or office for throwing on when it gets a bit chilly.

3. Black pencil skirt

This organic and vegan black pencil skirt from People Tree is made from quality stretch jersey which looks very flattering on the figure. It looks great with winter boots or trainers and can be worn with or without tights. Mix and match with heels for a night out or sandals on a warm day, this is the skirt that can take you through the seasons. In the winter, it can be worn with a thick jumper or cardigan to keep you feeling cosy.

4. Casual Black Trousers

Another organic and vegan staple from People Tree, these drawstring trousers are great for smart and casual occasions. Wear them with heels, trainers, or flip-flops, these trousers can be worn day to night if you just change your footwear! In the winter, they are great with a cropped jumper or a form-fitting jersey. The fabric is a medium weight so they will keep you warm and they’re fairly traded from a social enterprise in India.

5. Chunky Striped Scarf

A well-placed accessory can help make a capsule wardrobe work, as it distinguishes between different outfits and brings them to life. I’m a massive fan of a chunky scarf and it makes a plain top and trousers ensemble look trendy. It also keeps your neck very warm. I love this fairly traded knitted scarf that is hand-woven in Ecuador. Its stripes come in different colours and it is extra long so it will keep you extra warm!

What are the key pieces that you wear year after year? Are they any sustainable brands that you love that we should be looking out for? Let me know in the comments below.

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