How to have safe and sustainable sex

It’s important to protect our environment in all areas of our lives and this includes having sex. Safe sex is so important to avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases they can both be harmful to both physical and mental health.

Luckily, there are now products on the market which can help you to become more sustainable, and while it’s not perfect – you can’t recycle a condom and quite frankly it’s a gross thought! But while you move the earth, it is important to love the earth!


Before starting up a sexual relationship with any new partner or lover, it is important for you and your partner to get checked out for STDs and get contraceptive advice whilst you’re there.

You can get condoms for free from many sexual health centres as well as getting a prescription for the contraceptive pill, injection or getting an IUD fitted amongst other forms of contraception.

It’s important to check what contraception is right for you and if you encounter any side effects like depression, pain or anxiety then see your doctor as soon as possible. I’ve suffered as a result of contraception and no woman should have to put up with that, as we deserve better.

Once that’s out the way, then you can plan some romance! Save the planet by getting your Kama Sutra in ebook format so that you can download it onto your phone, tablet or kindle. It’s full of ideas for those not-so-lazy duvet days.

Fair squared condoms

So condoms have a way to go before they are sustainable, but for the time being it’s important that we use them until a biodegradable condom is born.

Fair squared are currently the best on the market as they are made from fairly traded rubber and they’re as effective as any other condom. Always check your use-by dates if your johnnies aren’t new. Condoms are expensive so it’s always better to get them for free if you aren’t feeling flush. Always dispose of them in the bin and not down the toilet to prevent them swimming in the sea!

Lube makes everything better – especially if it’s organic and in a glass bottle like this bad boy! The best thing is that it is water-based so it won’t get tacky and sticky while you’re jumping each other’s bones. It doesn’t contain any glycerin or parabens so it won’t introduce anything toxic into your nether regions either.

Rechargeable vibrator

Vibrators also have a way to go, but we have made progress as we no longer need batteries! This awesome vibrator is rechargeable so it can run on the green energy that powers your house. It’s also robust and multi-purpose so sex toy technology is certainly improving!

Easy to use alone or with a partner, you can actually use this a massager if you have stiff muscles or even to relax even more after sex! Unlike the vibrators of yesteryear, this guy will run and run, keeping you happy for a good while to come.

Organic massage oil

Massage is great for when you’re feeling sexy and want sex, to get in the mood for sex or without any sex at all. Exploring each other’s bodies in an non-sexual way can be a great way to build trust and intimacy between you. There’s no reason not to when organic massage oil in a glass bottle is available for your pleasure. The heady scents will also help you to relax and unwind.

A little goes a long way when it comes to the things you need to have sex, and staying in and giving each other pleasure is one of the most low carbon activities that you can engage in as a human. Stay safe and get stuck in!

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