How to throw a zero-waste and eco-friendly dinner party

Everyone loves a dinner party gathering with friends, so why not go zero-waste and make it as eco-friendly as possible with these really easy tips!

There are so many great companies selling organic and sustainable products nowadays that it’s never been easier to throw an eco dinner party!

Some things, like reusable straws you will only need to buy once, (unlike the consumables of yesteryear like paper plates), so going eco will certainly save you money as well as making you look like a great host.

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1. Don’t use invites

Paper invites are unnecessary now, as that’s what WhatsApp is for! If you want to make groovy invites then I really recommend Canva, which makes really beautiful digital designs. I use it to make my Pinterest cards like the one at the bottom of this post.

2. Hire your outfit instead of buying it

Hiring an outfit makes so much sense as it saves money and space as many dresses only end up getting worn once. Fast fashion is one of our most environmentally unfriendly habits but luckily there are several places where you can hire dresses.

One of these companies is Girl Meets Dress who will send you three dresses and you only need to pay for the one you wear, so you can try them on! It doesn’t matter where you live as they will send them by post and you send them back when you’re done.

I also recommend trying charity shops, especially in well-heeled areas as you’ll be amazed what people give away – especially as we’ve all Konmaried our wardrobes with Marie Kondo! There has never been a better time to hit the chazzas.

3. Use eco-friendly tableware

Forget paper plates, and just use old plates if you’re worried about them getting broken. Otherwise, try robust bamboo tableware that will compost if it ever gets broken.

If you’re serving cocktails or mocktails then make sure to get some metal straws (I’m actually obsessed with metal straws – they even come with a brush to keep them hygienic and clean).

4. Buy local and organic drinks

Organic alcohol is a growing industry (literally) and its a great talking point to introduce your guests to new brands! There are even vineyards popping up in the UK as well as home-brewers and gin makers!

See what you can find locally or order some delicious organic bubbles online. You can even get local booze along with your veg box!

For a tasty yet sophisticated adult soft drink, try this elderflower champagne recipe.

Check out my post all about drinking in an eco-friendly way for more inspiration.

5. Go meat-free

Throwing a meat-free party can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and you could even go vegan if you’re good in the kitchen! BBC Good Food have a variety of recipes for a fun and delicious vegetarian dinner party that your guests will love!

If you’re in need of more inspiration then try this ebook all about how to throw a perfect vegetarian dinner party!

If you need organic vegetables, then Abel and Cole are offering money off your first veg box by clicking on the link below!

Veg boxes are a great way to avoid excess packaging and to support local farmers, plus they’re delivered to your door so it couldn’t be easier! If you ever don’t need one then you can easily cancel that weeks box.

Don’t forget to compost your peelings so that you can try growing your own veg, which will really impress your guests!

If you don’t want the hassle of throwing a dinner party, then you can get a great deal on a meal from Travelzoo without worrying about washing up!

Have you tried throwing a zero-waste dinner party? If so, what are your top tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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