21 eco-friendly and sustainable gifts to buy for someone you really love

If you’re looking for am an eco-friendly gift for someone that you really love, then look no further than these 21 sustainable presents that friends and family will enjoy!

The one rule that I have for gift giving is to make sure that its something that they really need and something that they will cherish.

I also look in charity shops for bargainous gifts, as you can get some great stuff in there without having to buy new.*


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1. Organic sparkling wine

If your loved one loves a sparkling wine, then you can’t go wrong with some lovely bubbly made from organic Chardonnay grapes.

2. Funky Veg Kit

It’s always fun to make and try your own funky veg and with this foolproof kit, especially with children. You can give purple carrots, red Brussels sprouts, stripy tomatoes, yellow courgettes and multi-coloured Swiss chard.

3. Steel Straws

I’m obsessed with reusable straws and these ones are extra funky! They even come with cleaning brushes and a bag so that you can keep them hygienic, as well as preventing 8.5 billion straws going to landfill every year.

4. Beeswax candles

Beeswax candles don’t release unpleasant chemicals into the air like some candles can do and they have a natural scent for those with a sensitive nose. These have a cute honeycomb pattern and are handmade in Lithuania.

5. Bamboo coffee mug

A bamboo coffee mug is actually quite a chic accessory as well as being much better for the environment than single-use cups! I have a bamboo cup and I always get lots of nice comments when I use it so it’s a nice conversation starter. You can even get one for a friend to match yours!

6. Sprout pencils

These sprout pencils can be planted once they’re used up, which is just such a beautiful metaphor. They are lead-free and safe for children and adults alike to get their creative juices flowing!

7. Cork wallet
A lovely wallet to give to your vegan friends! Its made from cork which is one of the most eco-friendly materials on earth and buying it actually helps wildlife. It has loads of pockets to stash the cash and also blocks against RFID equipment.
8. Bamboo cutlery set
A lovely picnic set for friends on the go! No nasty materials have been used in this lovely bamboo set, which is another fantastic eco material. Bamboo is strong so it’s long-lasting as well as being biodegradable.
9. Grow your own lavender
Lavender is a beautiful flower and its smell is thought to aid relaxation. This kit makes it incredibly easy for loved ones to grow their own flowers and your seeds should start to sprout after a few days if the conditions are right.
10. Fairtrade bottle opener
This is a wonderful Fairtrade gift, handmade in India from a recycled bike chain. Its quirky yet sustainable and still has a practical use. There are so many talented craftspeople in India that it is a great thing to support their businesses.
11. Eco soap set
This cute eco set contains a bamboo and lemongrass soap along with a bamboo holder which will stop it from going soggy. It will also look chic in your bathroom.
12. Recycled bird feeder
This handsome feeder is a double-win because its made from recycled yogurt pots and its used to feed kitchen scraps to birds. Our garden birds are in great decline so anything we can do to help them makes a big difference. This is a must for any wildlife lovers who want to encourage birds to their window.
13. Paper Pot maker
This is a great gift for kids and adult gardeners alike, as these little pots can be used to propagate seedlings in a safe place before planting them in the garden.
14. Grow your own craft beer
A great gift for eco-friendly beer lovers. This is a really easy planting kit for anyone who wants to grow their own hops and then make them in beer!
15. Chilly’s Bottle
I love my Chilly’s bottle as not only does it look good but it keeps drinks cool or hot for the whole day. I got mine as a gift and I take it everywhere with me, along with my bamboo cup.
16. Bamboo socks
These bamboo socks are really fun as well as being soft so they make a great present for friends or family. As they’re bamboo, they’re naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal for those prone to sweaty feet.
17. Bat box
This is a must for any wildlife loving friends with access to a garden or green space and want to help bats! There is even a little bat ladder inside to help them get in. Bats are in decline, so anything we can do to help them is time well spent!
18. Organic chocolate box
This gorgeous selection of Green & Blacks organic and Fairtrade chocolates is a must for any chocolate-lovers in your life!
19. Pact coffee set
Pact coffee offers a fair deal to suppliers as well as being fresh and beautifully roasted so it will please even the most discerning palate.
20. Handmade Etsy gift
Etsy is a treasure trove of recycled, handmade and vintage gifts like this beautiful ring. It’s also a great way to support small businesses and craftspeople from around the world.

21. A dining experience

Sometimes the best gift that you can give is an experience…especially one that involves food! Travelzoo is a great place to find cheap deals in great places that you can give as gifts.

Do you have any eco-friendly and sustainable gifts that you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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21 eco-friendly and sustainable gifts to buy for someone you really love
21 eco-friendly and sustainable gifts to buy for someone you really love


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