How to give yourself a non-toxic and eco-friendly pedicure

There are so many nasty chemicals lurking in our beauty products, and this is especially true for the nail varnishes used for your pedicure that smell so bad. If you want to use products that are kinder to your body then never fear, because non-toxic polish is gaining popularity and there are loads of other great organic products for your feet too!

After my article on how to have a non-toxic manicure, I didn’t want to leave out your beautiful feet, especially when they work so hard all day!

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for treating your feet and giving yourself a beautiful, non-toxic and eco-friendly pedicure!*


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Start by soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water to clean them and soften your skin. You could add Epsom salt which is used to heal and revive feet from soreness. You could even make this DIY eucalyptus foot soak to revive your feet (if you store it in a jar you can use it again and again).

While you’re there, I love cleaning my feet and this AKOMA African black soap is fairtrade and organic. Its made from 57% shea butter so it won’t dry out your feet while you clean them!

I find pumice stones too harsh on my feet (steer clear of them if you’re diabetic or have thin skin), and there are environmental concerns about some pumice harvesting. Pumice needs regular cleaning to keep it hygienic but is it recommended as being better for the environment than microbeads.

If you want something that is natural and exfoliates without being too harsh, then try this sisal soap bag! Sisal fibres are naturally harvested by hand in Mexico from Agave sisalana plants.

If you put your African black soap in your sisal bag, it will help it to last longer and it will exfoliate your feet at the same time.

Once your feet are cleaned and primed, then try a foot scrub like this organic, vegan coffee scrub by the Little Organic Company, that isn’t too harsh on sensitive skin.

You could even make your own, like this DIY Rosemary and Peppermint foot scrub that can be made with six ingredients!

After your tootsies are fully exfoliated, its time to nourish them with a rich foot cream that will also revive and moisturise your feet at the same time. This organic rosemary and pine nut foot butter is perfect for keeping your feet refreshed as well as baby smooth. If you’re not planning on painting your toenails, you could put on cotton socks and let the cream do its magic overnight while you sleep.

Give your toenails a file and buff with this glass nail file instead of having to put up with poor quality cardboard ones that break easily. Glass files are more hygienic, easier to clean and less likely to irritate the tender skin around your nails.

Once your nails are primed, its time to paint them! Zoya nail varnish is an established player on the non-toxic nail scene and it even Best Nail Varnish and Product in the 2015 Beauty Awards in the UK. It’s free of nasty chemicals like camphor and formaldehyde as well as being vegan-friendly! Lots of colours are available, but my favourite in Giada – the deep purple below.

Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) is an experienced player on the plant-based beauty scene and they’ve played a blinder with this nail polish remover made from wheat, corn and sugar cane. It is also vegan and comes in this sophisticated minimalist packaging. BWC even do plant-based nail varnishes as well!

If you need any more eco beauty products then check out Ren Skincare as they avoid nasty products and are committed to reducing packaging waste:

Have you tried an eco pedicure regime? Do you have any products or recipes that you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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