7 British comedy podcasts that will make you laugh out loud

I wanted to share with you my top 7 British comedy podcasts that will make you laugh out loud or make you homesick for dry humour if you’re a Brit abroad like me. I’ve listened to many comedy podcasts while travelling on long bus journeys around Asia so this has given me a great insight into the comedy podcast world.

I wanted to include different types of comedy podcasts, so these are about a range of different subjects, including food, facts, comedy itself, marriage and hip-hop. They feature a range of comedy guests that you’re sure to love and they’re all absolutely free so get those headphones in, and get listening!

If you like comedy, then check out my book recommendations by British comedians!

*Due to the success of this post, I’ve written 7 more British comedy podcasts that will make you laugh out loud*

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1. Birthday Girls House Party

Birthday Girls House Party is a BBC podcast where comedy sketch group Birthday Girls aka Camille Ucan, Rose Johnson and Beattie Edmondson invite a guest over for a themed party. Full disclosure, I went to University OTC with Rose, which is how I knew about the podcast, so perhaps I’m biased (no, she hasn’t paid me) but I love it! As its a house party there’s always lots of oversharing and that’s my favourite part of it, as I think honesty is key to a good funny story.

They also feature comedy guests who they know from the circuit, which is great because it just leads to more funny stories. This is a podcast that always brightens up my day as it is totally devoid of pretentiousness.

2. No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish is an established podcast where the ‘QI Elves’ aka Andrew Hunter Murray, Dan Schreiber, Anna Ptaszynski and James Harkin. These TV researchers really know their stuff so not only is it funny, but you also learn a lot.

It’s edutainment at its finest and this gang know each other so well (probably due to working long TV hours) that they really bounce off each other. This pod really gives credence to the idea that there is nothing funnier than the absolute truth.

3. Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam Buxton is the grandfather of the British comedy podcast world and he’s very good at it, in fact, I would say that his jingles are the best of the bunch. I watched Adam Buxton perform at the Manchester International Festival and he came across as a lovely man but I do not know him personally.

He brings his quirky charm to his interviews with performers and comedians which range from being very light-hearted to extremely deep and everything in between. It’s not over-produced so his chats often go off on rambles which I like as that generally leads to funny observations and anecdotes.

His episode with Aisling Bea about her father’s suicide is my absolute favourite as it’s so moving although it obviously isn’t a remotely comedic subject.

4. Athletico Mince

Bob Mortimer is the king of the random anecdote, and if you haven’t watched his tale of home dentistry on Youtube then I strongly suggest that you do so. Athletico Mince is a podcast with his friend Andy Dawson that started off about football but has gone off on a massive tangent since then.

Mortimer has created an interesting cast of characters that he brings out along with a side of silliness every episode. Some of the starting points are so random that you really have no idea where they’re going to go which is very much part of the fun.

5. Shagged, Married, Annoyed

Shagged, Married, Annoyed is quite a new podcast with comedian Chris Ramsey and Instagram star Rosie Ramsey. They are married with a child and the pod focuses on their marriage and the things they get up to – including what’s your beef? which is where they bitch about each other in a loving way.

This doesn’t sound very exciting, but its actually hilarious and they’re a really likeable pair. You can also email in your questions and be a part of it.

6. Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

I will admit that I’m a big fan of James Acaster and I enjoyed both his Netflix stand-up and his appearance on Celebrity Great British Bake Off where he performed poorly to our great amusement and so became a meme. The Off Menu podcast features Acaster and fellow comedian Ed Gamble along with a guest who is invited to their hypothetical restaurant.

I’m not a foodie but I still love hearing people discussing their absolute favourite meals in the Off Menu restaurant. So many funny stories stem from food and the guests choices are always revealing but occasionally hilarious.

7. Hip-hop Saved My Life…

I’m a big fan of Romesh Ranganathan and I mentioned his book in 11 books written by comedians that will make you laugh out loud. Hip-hop Saved My Life… isn’t strictly a comedy podcast, but he is a comedian, its funny and it features other comedians so its in.

It’s all about hip-hop which may be the best genre of music in all of history. Ranganathan presents along with sidekick Bobby P and his guests are a broad spectrum of hip-hop fans beyond just comedians. Guests often dig into eras of music-induced nostalgia which leads to entertaining anecdotes and the inevitable mickey-taking.

If, like me, you’re in love with podcasts and in love with comedy so please hit me up with your recommendations as I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below.

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7 British comedy podcasts that will make you laugh out loud
7 British comedy podcasts that will make you laugh out loud


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