15 best bamboo product swaps to go zero-waste in zero time

If you’re worried about your plastic usage but you don’t know where to start, then never fear because I’ve put together this handy list of 15 everyday bamboo products swap that will help you become a zero-waste hero in (almost!) zero time.

Bamboo is a wonder material which is good for sustainability because it grows quickly without using the same amount of resources as things like cotton. It’s also biodegradable, strong and can be used to make a variety of things.

It isn’t perfect by any means as it does have to come over from China, but it’s much better than plastic or cotton.

Zero waste cosmetics products
Zero waste cosmetics products

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1. Bamboo cotton buds

If you use cotton buds then try these bamboo buds instead to avoid a seahorse finding your plastic bud stick in the ocean.

2. Bamboo cutlery

This is a full set of cutlery for any occasion and you can keep it clean in your bag inside the handy pouch that it comes in, making it easier to refuse plastic cutlery than ever before!

3. Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are great for drinking coconuts, milkshakes, juices, smoothies AND cocktails. I loved this one as it has a brush and a holder as well as spares so you can keep it clean and you have another you can use if one gets lost. Plus your drinking companion can use one!

4. Bamboo soap dish

Stop your soap going soggy!

5. Bamboo pads

These bamboo pads are great for washing away dirt or taking off makeup. These ones are very soft, and if you have any soap, you can easily rinse them in the sink after you’ve used them.

6. Bamboo toothbrush

Toothbrushes are one of those things that we don’t really think about, but they’re very difficult to dispose of once the bristles are ruined. The beauty of these bamboo toothbrushes is that the entire thing breaks down once you’ve finished with it.

7. Bamboo socks

Consider replacing old and worn out cotton socks with bamboo socks as they’re anti-bacterial and breathable so they will keep your sweaty feet feeling fresh(ish)!

8. Bamboo towel

When you’re towels give up the ghost, consider investing in these quick-drying bamboo towels that will have you clean and dry in no time.

9. Bamboo hairbrush

Even the bristles of this hairbrush are made from bamboo and this is a great multi-purpose brush for both detangling and styling. I’ve found that the massaging bristles don’t bend like plastic ones do and they don’t pull out as much hair so you clean them less!

Check out my post on how to have an eco-friendly haircare routine for more inspiration.

10. Bamboo washcloth

Bamboo washcloths are great for washing your face, washing your baby and cleaning up mess! Much better than wet wipes and you just throw them in the washing machine when they’re dirty.

11. Bamboo cups

If you’re having a party and don’t want small children to smash glass everywhere then invest in bamboo cups instead of using single-use plastic or paper plates which aren’t recyclable and may contain plastic. These cups are dishwasher safe and hard-wearing but can still be composted if they get do get damaged or break.

Check out my post on how to have an eco-friendly kid’s party for more inspiration.

12. Bamboo safety razor

If you do shave, then a safety razor is one of my top recommendations for avoiding plastic! Its made from metal and bamboo and apart from buying razor blades, it’s much cheaper than single-use ones. Just be careful not to nick your skin as they’re not always as safe as they suggest!

13. Bamboo nappies

Swap your regular nappies for these bamboo nappies that are kind to your baby and kind to the environment. These Bambo Nature nappies are made from bamboo fluff that is FSC certified and biodegradable.

14. Bamboo period pants

Swap sanitary towels for these bamboo period pants. They feel big to wear compared to normal knickers but they’re not thick like some period pants can be. They’re more like a panty liner than a towel but they are perfect for using with a menstrual cup, or the days around it.

Check out my article on how to have an eco-friendly period for more information.
15. Bamboo boxer briefs
These boxers can replace worn out old pants once they can’t be repaired any more! They’re super comfy and a great gift for any man in your life who is running out of boxer shorts!
The only other thing to mention is taking care of the hygiene of all these reusable items! It’s worth investing in a decent soap to keep everything clean and ready to use.
It’s amazing how many bottles, straws and other packaging that you can save in just one day by using a few essential items! Another way that you can save plastic in everyday life is by getting a veg box like this one from Abel & Cole below:

Do you have any recommendations for any essential sustainable items that you now cannot do without? Or any tips that you want to share? Let me know in the comments as I am planning more content about avoiding plastic waste.

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15 best bamboo product swaps to go zero-waste in zero time
15 best bamboo product swaps to go zero-waste in zero time
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