11 ways to have your most eco-friendly summer holiday ever

Summer is approaching and the beach is beckoning, but how can you make this year’s holiday the most sustainable yet?

Follow my easy guide for an eco-friendly summer holiday that you and your family will love.

Family Walking Home From The Sandy Beach At Evening Sunlight
Family walking home from the sandy beach on Kefalonia Island

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Here are 11 easy ways that you can have your most eco-friendly summer holiday yet:

1. Recycled plastic swimsuits

If you need a new swimsuit, consider getting one produced from recycled Lycra, as it is something that can be made from waste plastic already in the environment that we need to reuse.

2. Consider an overland journey

I don’t want to be a hypocrite, as there are times that I occasionally have to fly, but I would choose overland travel every time. The reason for this is that it’s so much more relaxing and I love to watch the landscape change. It can also be easier to take kids on trains than aeroplanes at times.

There are so many beautiful places in the UK to visit by train and while I’ve not had time to write about them all, I have some wonderful recommendations for Essex. Scotland and Wales are so incredible that I certainly plan to write more about them.

The great thing about Europe is that it’s only next door and it has an incredible train network. Eurail has some great offers so you could visit 3 or countries in a week by train! Check out rail pass offers by clicking on the link below:

3. Cut down on plastic toys

There has been a resurgence in wooden toys if you have young ones and you can often get them secondhand. Another benefit is that if beach toys end up in the sea, it’s much less of a problem if they’re made from natural materials. You can also borrow toys from a toy bank to take with you.

This beach set is made from bamboo and resin so will degrade unlike plastics and there are toys made from sugar cane that are also available now.

4. Recycled plastic yogawear

If you’re into yoga and you’ll be doing it on holiday, then Planet Warrior have outfits sustainably made from plastic bottles.

5. Reef safe suncream

Cut down on chemicals by using a reef safe suncream. Just make sure it’s by a trusted supplier as not all companies live up to their claims and sun protection is essential to our health!

You can also cover up and stay out of the sun in the middle of the day. If you are going snorkelling, then check out my tips for safe and ethical snorkelling.

6. Buy e-book travel guides

The great thing about ebooks is that you can download them onto your phone or laptop and you don’t even need to buy an e-reader. It saves paper and space in your bag to boot.

If you don’t have data when you’re abroad, then you can easily download a Lonely Planet Guide onto your phone with all your tourist information on it.

7. Check out an eco-lodge or staycation

Tripadvisor is a great place to find lovely places to stay within a few hours drive of your house, as well as fantastic deals.

You can also put a filter on eco-lodges for accommodation with decent green credentials and you can check reviews to see if hotels are honouring these standards.

8. Get your outfits secondhand

Charity shops are a great place to pick up summer holiday outfits for a cheap price! There’s loads of good stuff available now as so many people have had a clear out after watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

If you can’t find anything on your high street, then try the Oxfam online shop or eBay for even more secondhand bargains.

9. Take bamboo cutlery

I’m not saying that you should take your whole kitchen with you on holiday, but having your own cutlery makes a real difference to reducing your plastic waste.

This is especially true if you are travelling with kids and buy your own food. If you want to make more bamboo swaps to go zero-waste, then check out my recommendations here.

10. Bring bamboo straws

Straws are one of the worst single use plastics that you encounter when travelling and drinking juice or cocktails. These bamboo ones are great for kids, easy to clean and will show people that you’re serious about your environmental impact.

11. Get water refills

The great thing about Europe is that most places have drinkable water, but if you do go further afield and that isn’t the case, then most hotels or restaurants offer filtered water. They will fill your bottle for free or for a small fee which is much less than the cost of a plastic bottle of water.

I recommend using a Chilly’s bottle as it will keep your water cool for the day, which you really need when it’s hot! A few ice cubes will keep it extra cool too.

Just a few changes can really have a difference to the environmental impact of your holiday and it will teach your kids green habits that will last them a lifetime.

Do you have any top tips for an eco-friendly summer holiday? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 ways to have your most eco-friendly summer holiday ever
11 ways to have your most eco-friendly summer holiday ever


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