7 ways to have a more ethical and eco-friendly wedding day

If you want to have a cheaper, more ethical and eco-friendly wedding, then this guide will help you to easily achieve that goal.

Weddings can be expensive as there is so much pressure to spend a lot of money on just one day, but being ethical is great reason not to do that and avoid the extra stress.

Going greener can actually make a wedding much easier, cost less money and it can even mean less things to organise!

Sometimes decisions can be made for you, as if it isn’t necessary – you just don’t do it and sustainability is a great reason to ditch the stuff you don’t really need.

All of these tips are really easy and many can be done online so there is no extra hassle for you!

Woodland wedding, iStock
Woodland wedding, iStock

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Here are 7 really easy ways to have a more ethical and eco-friendly wedding day:

  1. Buy (and sell) Preloved:

Buying preloved items online is hugely trendy now, and it means that your outfits will be totally unique. People often sell wedding dresses and sometimes they haven’t necessarily been worn. Even if they have, they’re cheaper to buy secondhand and then dry clean.

TOP TIP: While you’re buying dresses, bridesmaids outfits or suits, why not sell some of your own stuff at the same time? That way, you can save money and make money all at once!

Flubit is another great second site to buy and sell on, many of its preloved items are cheaper than Amazon marketplace so it’s worth a browse for any bits and pieces that you may need.

2. Search charity shops:

I love rooting around in charity shops on my local high street as you never know what you’ll find. Even if you find something that is too big, you can have it taken in at a tailors, as many dresses have to be altered anyway. You can even do simple fixes yourself (check out my sewing essentials kit here).

If you don’t find anything in charity shops on the High Street, you can always check out Oxfam online for great secondhand dresses and suits:

If all else fails, you can always rent and return dresses and suits so you can avoid buying them altogether!

3. Plant trees

Instead of buying cut flowers, why not plant trees instead? Planting trees is officially one of the best things you can do for the world and it’s a great present to give or receive.

4. Support independent craftspeople

Buying handmade is a great way to support independent craftspeople and it means your wedding accessories will be truly unique. Supporting makers on Etsy is a great way to be ethical, by supporting local businesses instead of big corporations.

As if that wasn’t enough, Etsy also offset all their carbon emissions from their shipping to make them a more eco-friendly gift option.

5. Serve local and organic food

When you choose your wedding menu, consider where the food comes from. Supporting local producers is a great thing to do, as supermarkets can treat farmers really poorly at times. Also consider serving less meat, especially beef for a lower carbon footprint from your food.

To find decent organic food, Abel & Cole are a really good company and Pinterest has some wonderful vegetarian or vegan recipes that you can try.

6. Make your own decorations or favours

Upcycle bits of fabric and use various things that you have around the house (or anything that friends or family want to donate) to make your own decorations! This can be a really fun activity and your guests cannot fail to be impressed by handmade favours. Check out these wedding DIY ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.

7. Organic cosmetics

The organic cosmetics market has improved so much in recent years, that it’s now possible for your entire bathroom to be more eco-friendly than ever before! Look out for cosmetics suppliers that are cruelty-free, local, organic and are committed to go zero-waste or using ocean plastics.

If you live in the UK, then here are 5 eco-conscious beauty brands that you need to know about.

If you want to try introducing more eco-friendly beauty products into your regime, then check out how to have an eco-friendly facial, manicure, pedicure and even 5 organic and eco-friendly face masks that will make your skin happy.

I hope all these tips help you to have the easy, eco-friendly, ethical and wonderful wedding that you deserve! It’s not over yet though, as I have a couple of honeymoon tips too, if you are going away.

If you’re going on a honeymoon and don’t have a swimsuit, then consider getting a swimsuit from Rubymoon who use recycled ocean plastics for their clothing:

And finally, if you are going away for your honeymoon, consider choosing an eco-friendly resort or hotel. If you want to know how to judge the eco-credentials of your accommodation then check out my handy guide.

Do you have any tips for a more eco-friendly wedding that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 ways to have a more ethical and eco-friendly wedding
7 ways to have a more ethical and eco-friendly wedding
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